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Aust. Aboriginal - 'seed power'

A bioneering company based in Casablanca, operating out of the Seshadri Industries building. JIVA is owned by WATI, but run by Helena Chang. Like WATI, JIVA is a company whose title is spelled with all capitals, but does not appear to be an acronym.

For reasons as yet unknown, JIVA created Faith as part of an experiment. The details and genesis of this experiment are unknown, but when it was concluded Helena wanted Faith to be placed in foster care. JIVA's parent company WATI, however, had other plans they used Faith as a test-subject for their Morpheus drug, increasing her dosage until she died of an overdose and heart failure.

It seems that WATI's managment had decided to liquidate their subsidiary, because when Zoe Castillo travels there to meet Helena she is confronted by Sela and Kano. As Sela is found tinkering with the computer at the reception desk, it is possible they were also downloading and wiping the lab's mainframes, or looking for the information Chang passed on to Reza Temiz via the data cube. They trap Chang in a lab and try to gas her, presumably after an unsuccessful interrogation. When she speaks to Zoë at the end of the game, Chang says she wants revenge for what WATI has done; not only to Faith but to JIVA and Chang herself.

Given the evident but unexplained connection between Chang and Gabriel Castillo, as well as the apparently Indian names of both JIVA and Seshadri, it has been suggested that the mysterious "personal business" Gabriel told Zoë he would be conducting in Bombay may have had something to do with Chang and/or JIVA.

In the twitch.tv Dreamfall playthroughhttp//www.twitch.tv/redthreadgames/b/370112870 twitch.tv Dreamfall playthrough (10130), Ragnar said "''Everything with Jiva is linked… it’s fun to research it actually. Yeah, it’s linked to aboriginal mythology.. to the idea of dreamtime, and dreamtime is of course linked to the idea of Storytime (...) Take it from there, go research. This is central to again the whole mythology of the TLJ universe, so check it out!''" In central Australian Aboriginal myth, features of the landscape were shaped by mythic events. The lasting effects of these events were cause by the deposit of ''jiva'' or 'seed power' planted there. This is also used to refer to the creative power of human seed.R. Leviton (2007). ''Welcome to Your Designer Planet! A Brief Account of the Cosmogony on Earth'', iUniverse p. 83