One of the two experimental subjects at the Victory Hotel that Zoe Castillo encounters, Ivar, a Norwegian, is the only one who is a danger to her, as he will attack her on sight or alert Vinnie. This suggests Ivar is either suffering a bad reaction to the Dreamer Console, or he was shanghaied into the experiment and is disorientated. He only wears a T-shirt and shorts, and says very little apart from swearing in Norwegian.

If Zoë alerts Ivar so that he shouts for Vinnie, then hides out of sight, she can listen to a 'conversation' between the two where Vinnie rants and complains to Ivar – from the sound of it, Ivar's disorientation means he often has nightmares and yells for Vinnie for no reason.

Ivar is voiced by Havard Bakke.