==The Longest Journey==
Irhad is a place mentioned in ''Secrets of the Draic Kin'', of which nothing is said other than that their word for the Draic Kin is "Drac".

Irhad, also known as the Sun Empire, is revealed to be a nation east of Ayrede beyond that we know only that it is of close enough proximity that they are worried by the Azadi occupation. Whether it is located on the Northlands continent, or a theoretical eastern continent is unknown. Brian Westhouse tells April that he travelled east to Irhad after his flight to Corasan from the Tyren invasion of Marcuria. No doubt it takes its alias "Sun Empire" from the fact that it lies in the east, from whence the sun comes (assuming this is not different in Arcadia!).

Their highest governing body is called the Rose Court, and their emperor is a Dolmari (although it is unclear whether the nation is made up primarily of Dolmari). Na'ane hails from a prominent family in Irhad, and it is possible that her golden-skinned and -eyed countenance is representative of other inhabitants of Irhad. Minstrum Magda has similar (though not identical) colouring, for instance. Like Na'ane, Irhad is a nation renowned for their magical prowess.

In ''Dreamfall'', tensions between Irhad and the Azadi are running high, no doubt not only becuase of Azadi imperial ambitions, but also their infamous contempt for magic and magical races. Although the emperor is apparently seeking a peaceful resolution with the Azadi he is also gathering a military force, and the two empires may yet come to blows. It has been speculated that such a war between an army of magic-users and the technology-dependent Azadi might constitute the rumoured War of the Balance.

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