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'''Interlude IV''' is the fourth interlude of Dreamfall Chapters. It is part of Book Five Redux. The player controls Saga as an adult in the House of All Worlds.

=== Summary ===
The House of All Worlds has been mostly empty for years, since both Saga and her father have left it. Saga has occasionally used the kitchen as an alchemy lab. Now she returns in order to prepare an elixir, and to fetch a rope and a spatula. Saga knows that she will need those in the story ahead.
After she has obtained what she needs, she leaves leaves through a portal.

=== Walkthrough ===
To prepare the elixir, Saga searches the house for a recipe. After finding the recipe, she seeks out the ingredients, and prepares the elixir. Finally she uses a hammer to break down the wall behind the door in the living room, and leaves through the portal behind it.

Her destination is a machine room in the Azadi Tower. There, she uses the spatula to stop moving machinery that is in her way. This allows her to proceed to the central chamber of the tower, and use the rope to rappel down to Kian.

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