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'''Interlude III''' is the third interlude of Dreamfall Chapters and the conclusion of Book Four Revelations. The player controls Saga as a fourteen year old in the House of All Worlds.

Saga's mother, Etta, is still gone, it has been seven years. Saga wants to go outside, but her father, Magnus, refuses. Ending the discussion, Magnus retires to rest for an hour. Even though Saga is able to shift by herself, magical wards keep Saga from leaving the house.

Saga seeks to remove the wards. First, using Magnus' eyeglasses, she searches for the wards' locations in the house. After finding all three of them, she proceeds to undo the wards, one by one. To undo a ward, she connects it to three memorabilia in the same room as the ward. After Saga has undone the three wards, a fourth one manifests in a locket that she is wearing. A vision from memory comes to Saga. Her mother tells her as a toddler that she wants her to be free to go wherever she wants to. The ward is undone, Saga opens a Shift in her bedroom and walks through.

Moments later her father searches for Saga. When he realizes that she is gone, he agonizes that he can not bear again a loss like that of his wife.

The wards' locations and memorabilia are
, on the ceiling photo, scratches, window(?)
, on wall behind initially closed door drawing, suitcase, tool
's room, picture of Saga rocket, painting, books (?)

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