ImageMaerumholo.png's holosculpture of the Maerum Queen
==The Longest Journey==
A 23rd century art form which uses holograms to build a structure that can be shaped as the artist wishes. The final sculpture is projected from a large, heavy base, but can presumably be transferred to other locations so it can be displayed. It is probably based on TruHolo technology.

Emma is an accomplished holosculptor and keeps her work at VAVA - we see her exhibition piece on the second floor, a piece that strongly resembles the Maerum Queen. Given that creatures and places from Arcadia seem to be 'leaking' into Venice, Emma may have seen her in a dream and been inspired, though she doesn't discuss her piece other than to say she's happy with how it looks and doesn't want to work on it any more.

While April is working in the studio, the sculpture comes to life behind April's back for a moment and shocks her into going to meet Cortez.

In ''Dreamfall'', Emma makes her living as a professional holosculptor. One of the homeless people Zoe speaks to in Venice tells her he was the holosculpture tutor at VAVA, and taught Emma.

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