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'''Hanna Roth''' is a prominent gang member and courier of materials of dubious legality, who lives beneath the streets of Europolis. She's part of the Dragonflies, a gang of teens – mostly girls – who do odd jobs for some of the shadier characters in Propast, including Mr. London.

Hanna is seen by many as the de facto leader of the Dragonflies, a role she rejects. She's fiercely protective of the other members, however, and usually the one to make the final call when there's no consensus.

She constantly tries to steer the gang away from petty crime, preferring jobs that skirt the line running deliveries for local merchants, smuggling contraband across district lines and past EYE checkpoints, hacking and data theft.

Hanna hails from the county of Essex in the Island Kingdom, where she grew up in an affluent upper middle class community. Whatever brought her to a life in the shadows of Propast, she refuses to say.

Hanna hates WATIcorp's Dreamachines with a passion, threatening anyone in the gang who logs into Dreamtime with immediate expulsion.https//www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey/posts/1059823 kickstarter update Character Profile

== Relationships ==
In Chapter Four Dreaming, with the help of Abby, Zoë tracks down Hanna for Queenie, who is worried about Hanna. In Chapter Seven Hunted, Hanna helps Zoë to find information and to obtain an untraceable Dreamachine.

At the end of Book Five Redux, Helena Chang tells Zoë that Hanna is a sister of Zoë, Faith and Dreaming girl.

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