Hangman's Span

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= Hangman's Span
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= Crab Bend
= Crazy Clara = Dreamfall}}A short bridge between Crab Bend and Friar's Keep, over the now apparently dry Red River. Given the drop underneath, the bridge either got its name by serving as a cheap gallows, or is a reference to the fact very few people come back from Friar's Keep. The bridge is home to Crazy Clara, who rambles about 'spooks that dangle' either she's spent too long living there or she can actually see the ghosts of executed murderers. A noose is still hanging nearby when he sees it, Kian Alvane tut-tuts over how decapitation is the only way for a man to die, whereas both Zoe Castillo and April Ryan use it as an excuse to crack terrible jokes. {{templatemarcurianav}} ruВисельный мост CategoryDreamfall CategoryArcadia CategoryLocations CategoryDreamfall Locations CategoryMarcuria