Guardian's Realm

Also known as the "Realm of the Balance and the Guardian", the Guardian's Realm is a world separate from both Stark and Arcadia, home to the Guardian and where the Tower is located. It can only be accessed by a wormhole which, at the time of the creation of the Balance, was located on Earth. When the world was divided the entrance moved, in the words of the Old God, "into the sky; amongst the stars".
==The Longest Journey==

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The Realm itself is an eerie, almost frightening place. It takes the form of a dark desert with a deeply overcast sky, split by bright blue light. However, this appearance may be due to the instabilities in the Balance and the fact that, when April came there, the Tower had no Guardian. Once Gordon Halloway took his place in the Tower, the sky began to brighten and clear, and the land became green with life.

Any potential Guardian entering the Realm is subjected to the Three Trials though April was in fact not the thirteenth Guardian, she was subjected to them as well.
== Dreamfall ==

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As was glimpsed at the end of ''The Longest Journey'', the Guardian's Realm is now a green and verdant place, under blue skies. Crow describes it as "sort of...fluffy...with an edge". The plants that grow there are, fittingly, unlike any in Stark or Arcadia.

The Tower has now collapsed, the Well of Making appears to have been sealed over, and the hooded statues which once stood around it have crumbled. A long bridge made from thick trunks or vines now bridges the abyss, instead of the construction April and Crow made together. No explanation is given for the fall of the Tower, and the Balance now appears to be channelled directly through the Guardian from the sky overhead. The Guardian himself is suspended over what was once the Well of Making.

When April speaks to Gordon Halloway she says "I like what you've done with the place." According to Gordon, as the Guardian he is both part of the Realm and set apart from it, so he has conscious control over its appearance. More importantly, while previously April had to travel through space to reach the wormhole that led to the Realm, she can now Shift directly there, possibly as a result of the Collapse or the presence of an enthroned Guardian. Whether the wormhole is still open or not is unknown, although we did see it close after April, Adrian and Gordon had entered it in ''The Longest Journey''.

In Dreamfall, there were initially intended to be ambient creatures in the abyss surrounding the Well of Making, very large animals that were drifting on thermals. Dubbed 'Balance Moths' they were intended to approach April as she crossed the bridge. Concept paintings of them can be found in Dreamfall's artbook.

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