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= The Gribbler
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= Female
= http// Mary Elaine Monty
= Riverwood
Gribbler's Lair
= The Longest Journey Dreamfall Chapters (mentioned)}} {{Quote, I'm nobody, nobody at all, just a frail old woman picking bonesss-- Berries! Picking berries for her stew so she can feed her pris-- Guests! Feed her guestsss, and fatten them up for the...long winter.}} The Gribbler lives deep in Riverwood, in a dank, spooky Gribbler's Lair that appears to be a cozy hobbit hole from the outside. She disguises herself as a poor old woman and wanders along the paths, pretending to have hurt her ankle to lure the unwary. If a kind soul stops and agrees to help her home, they soon find out the Gribbler is actually a monster who captures people and eats them for dinner. Her preferred prey is one of the gentle Banda who live in Riverwood, but she's delighted to run into April, and lures her back to her house. Left alone, April soon discovers the old lady she stopped to help owns various unsavoury implements, skulls, bones, and a large cooking pot (as well as a large Broom (The Longest Journey), she's a houseproud monster), and is actually planning to eat both her and Bandu-Uta, a Banda April finds shut in the Gribbler's cupboard. When the Gribbler returns and finds Bandu-Uta gone, she is furious and reveals her true form, a terrifying creature with enormous teeth. April defeats the Gribbler by knocking her onto her own fire, earning the respect and admiration of the Banda, who have lived in terror of the Gribbler for a long time. Much later in the story, Gordon Halloway reveals that the Vanguard had attempted to recruit the Gribbler, although she would not co-operate with them. ===Dreamfall Chapters=== The Gribbler does not make an appearance in Dreamfall Chapters but she is mentioned in Book Four Revelations. It is revealed that the Gribbler and the wizard Roper Klacks were servants of the dark entity known as the Yaga and after their defeat at the hands of April Ryan the Yaga was forced to manifest into Arcadia. ==Trivia== *In regard of theme and tone of Arcadia, the Gribbler fits in the role of a classic fairy tale hag. Considering the heavy influence of Middle-Earth in the chapter There and Back Again, the Gribbler also resembles Gollum in its hissing speech manners, or the three hungry trolls that Bilbo Baggins encountered in "The Hobbit". ruГрибблер CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryArcadia CategoryCharacters CategoryCreatures CategoryThe Longest Journey Characters