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Scot. ''gor dun'' - 'great hill'

Head of the Vanguard's secret police, Gordon Halloway is one of April's most dangerous adversaries. He pursues her across both worlds, in the service of Jacob McAllen. However, like April, Gordon's destiny is tied to the Balance itself.

== The Longest Journey ==

{{Quote, this guy, Gordon, he was originally intended for some kind of religious duty, whatever the hell it was, for the Sentinel dudes. Let's say like the Dalai Lama, or whatever... He runs the whole dark side of the Church of Voltec, and I'm guessing he's next in line to take over, after old man McAllen leaves this earthly realm.|Burns Flipper}}

===A Guardian Lost===
Gordon was originally intended to be the thirteenth Guardian, but he was captured by the Vanguard and subjected to their experiments. The end result of these was to split him in half in 'some spiritual way' - half pure Chaos, half pure logic, the extremes of both worlds. As Burns Flipper tells April, Gordon is cold and emotionless, and would kill someone just for cutting in line ahead of him. He is the lynchpin in Jacob McAllen's plan. He intends to set Gordon in the Tower as a puppet Guardian under the Vanguard's control, to give McAllen command over the two worlds.

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Gordon gathers intelligence from other Vanguard agents - and he seems to have a soft spot for the Gribbler, despite the fact she resisted being recruited by the Vanguard - using the information to track April during her travels. He later obtains data on the Guardian's Realm from Burns Flipper by convincing the hacker he could walk again, with the Vanguard's help.

===Chaos and Logic===
In Stark, Gordon usually appears as a thin, pale young man in a long coat; his 'logical' side. He is outwardly stoic and speaks in a monotone, but he is completely ruthless, leading a squad to capture Cortez and ordering one of his minions to shoot April's friend Emma in cold blood. And upon getting the information he wanted from the aforementioned deal with Flipper, he shot and mortally wounded Flipper, and left him to bleed out. He is also more than capable of fighting hand-to-hand on his own if necessary.

However, in Arcadia, Gordon's Chaotic side is fully unleashed as the Chaos Vortex, a huge ball of dark energy. April faces it several times. Her first encounter was on the cliff where the Mother lives. As the Wood Spirit tells April, there was a great battle between the Mother and 'black Chaos', which April takes to mean the Chaos Vortex. However, it is not known why the Chaos Vortex - i.e. Gordon Halloway - attacked one of the Draic Kin. The Vortex also appears in Marcuria when April returns from Alais, sweeping over the harbour towards her before she can escape. At one point during the three trials in the Guardian's Realm, April confronts the Chaos Vortex again - grown to a monstrous size - and uses a potion for binding magic on the Talisman of the Balance, capturing the Vortex.

===Gordon's Destiny===
When April and Adrian pass through the singularity to the Guardian's Realm, Gordon pursues them and follows them into the Tower where he confronts Adrian. Somehow, the presence of the Talisman of the Balance with the Chaos Vortex trapped inside confuses him and he shouts angrily at April, saying 'there's something here - you brought it here'. When Adrian distracts Gordon by fighting him, April uses the Talisman on Gordon, presumably reuniting him with his Chaotic side. It puts him back into balance, finally, making him sane again.

Ecstatic, Gordon tells April that she is not the thirteenth Guardian - he is, and now he's prepared to take on his duty. Adrian and Gordon perform the Changing of the Guard ceremony to install Gordon as the new Guardian, finally stabilising the Balance. However, it is known that the time of the Balance will end during April's lifetime, and therefore Gordon's term as Guardian will be cut short.

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Gordon does reappear in Dreamfall, but is now firmly entrenched in his role as the Guardian. He claims that he remembers what he did as Gordon Halloway, but though he remains who he was, he is not who he once was; that his memories seem to belong to someone else. The channeling of energy through the Divide has expanded his awareness; he refers to the importance of dreams and is apparently aware of the Storytime, calling it the Dreaming, though he cannot "see into it".

He is, however, able to see April's role in current events and evaluate her importance, telling her she is "not the one who will set things right this time", that her fate is tied to the Balance itself, not the Dreaming. However, Gordon's considerations are fixed firmly in the foreground, on the Balance and his duty to it. Anything else does not concern him.

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