The Goddess is a female deity worshiped by the matriarchal Azadi. She is not referred to by any other name, and is defined only by the properties "light" and "love". The Azadi are extremely pious, and much of their conquest is in the name of religious conversion. The Azadi frequently refer to the love of the Goddess sweeping over unbelievers 'like a tidal wave'. They also build monuments to honor Her, such as the Azadi Tower.

Kian Alvane believes the Goddess considers Pride a sin, and requires prayer and sacrifices (presumably animal) to be made to Her for penance. He also believes she guides his sword, blinds his opponents with her light, and his faith is a shield that protects him from harm. The Six inform him that the conversion of pagans can be caused by their murder, and have this fate planned for the Scorpion. They believe "he shall be reborn into the next life, where he may find forgiveness in the Glory of the Goddess." While one might presume that this next life is a reincarnated, mortal life on this world (Arcadia), the use of the definite article makes it sound like an afterlife (in the same way that a Christian might describe eternity in Heaven as "the next life"). This latter possibility may seem to suggest that in death even pagans are saved, but no doubt includes the caveat that such a saving death must be at the hand of one of the Goddess' ordained in this case an Apostle.

According to the Azadi teachings, the Goddess made humans, and therefore magicals are beneath contempt, created outside of her sight and not deserving of her mercy. This doctrine colours their actions in the Northlands.

FileTapestry.jpg, though it changes and becomes more complex after what he sees in Marcuria. He believes She led him to April Ryan and the truth of suffering in the Northlands. Before he is arrested by Commander Vamon he tells April that he will return to the Six and tell them what really goes on in the Northlands, believing they will change their course of action when informed of the truth of its outcome.

At the end of Dreamfall, as clouds and lightning gather around the Azadi Tower - closely resembling the chaotic force from one of the Murals of the Balance - there is quiet but audible feminine laughter. There are several possible candidates, and one of them is the Azadi Goddess.

There is no information about the appearance of the Goddess, or whether her portrayal is possible or permitted in the Azadi culture. There are no statues or icons in Sadir that depict her looks. However, there are tapestries in the office of the Emissary, resembling a female adorned with floral ornaments. It may or may not be a symbolic portrayal of the Goddess, but the tapestries never received commentary from the characters, so their meaning stays unknown.ruБогиня
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