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AKA "Thin Repairman"

One of the two repairmen who are supposed to be fixing the doors at the NPD. At some point in the past George overdosed on Amathin, leaving him brain-damaged and in a child-like state. He seems unable to carry on normal conversations, but is able to mimic a series of commercial taglines he has learned from watching hours of the Screen. He is very close with his mother, who may look after him.

Presumably he has only suffered from the overdose fairly recently, as it seems unlikely he would have gotten a job as an electrician otherwise. It is possible, however, that he entered employment through some kind of "Sheltered Workshop" programme. Either way, his Fat Repairman chaperones him on the job, and informs April that - probably after being hit on the hand - he no longer allows George to hold the hammer.

==Regurgitated quotes==

"Mister! Mister! The plane! The plane!" - a recurring quote from the character Tattoo on the television show ''Fantasy Island''.

"I'd love some green eggs and ham. Wouldn't you?" - from the Dr Seuss book ''Green Eggs and Ham''.

"What's the deal with those spaceship dinners, huh? I mean, they taste like hospital food!" - a reference to the observational humour of 1990's stand-up comedians made famous by Jerry Seinfeld. Also resembles Manny Calavera's feeble attempt at a stand-up routine in ''Grim Fandango''.

"I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." - Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines in ''Casablanca''.

"Doh!" - Homer Simpson from ''The Simpsons''.

"Captain's log, stardate...Sunday, July 30th, 2209... We've encounter an anol-- Alan-- Amalanam-- We've encountered something weird." - parody of William Shatner's monologues as Captain James T. Kirk in ''Star Trek''. The date is the then-current day of TLJ.

"In 'Miracle', there are always vacancies." - appears to be a fictional show called ''Miracle'', about a (magical?) hotel of the same name. Ragnar has since confirmed that ''Miracle'' is another game he would like to work on after ''The Secret World''.

"Ah, to be young again...and also a robot." - Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth commenting on the robot Bender in ''Futurama'' (http// Season 1, Episode 2).

==Other sayings==
"Huh? You an angel from heaven come to take me away?"

"The ants, they're everywhere! There are ants in my pants!"

"They never quit! They quality assure everything! I can't take a pee without Quality Assurance standing behind me checking off boxes and taking urine samples!"

The logo on the back of his uniform reads (clockwise, from top left) "H-W-F".

George is voiced by http// Ron Gallop.

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