Author of The Death of a Venar, of which Abnaxus owns a copy. Although the subject matter suggests Ge'le was also a Venar, the glottal stop in the author's name is actually more typically Alatien.

However there is no evidence that the Alatien write their stories down - in fact, given their powerful oral-storytelling culture, and their philosophy that all stories must grow and change, it would likely seem antithetical to them. Also, given that the Venar view past, present and future as one and the same, it is difficult to imagine them developing a literary culture. Therefore, 'Ge'le' could be a nickname or pseudonym, maybe of a human who learned the craft of storytelling with the Alatien.

The word 'Gele' (albeit withouth the glottal stop) means 'jelly' in Norwegian, but it is doubtful whether this is intended as a joke.
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