==The Longest Journey==
Ge'en is an island in the Sea of Songs, near Alais and the Bristan Atoll. Its capital is Aeras and its major export is apples. The population are a "spiritual people" who worship the Mo'Jaal. Being an island, its inhabitants are a seafaring folk, represented in TLJ by Captain Horatio Nebevay. They appear to have an unfair justice system, as Captain Nebevay implies when he threatens to haul April before the "Three Biased Judges of Ge'en".

One of the prizes in the Cups Handler's game is an antique Dolmari decanter from Ge'en.

An early map of Arcadia drawn by Ragnar in 1996/7 shows Ge'en on the far side of the Sea of Songs.http// Ragnar's blog - early Arcadia map

Ary Kinryn may be a native of Ge'en, as he appears to be a crypto-devotee of the Mo'Jaal.

==Dreamfall Chapters==
As becomes evident in conversations with Bip in Book Two Rebels, the Azadi are using Ge'en as a prison colony (with "reeducation camp" being used as an euphemism). The magicals captured in Marcuria are sent here via airships. It's unknown at the time what fate awaits the magicals there, but rather certain that we'll find out in Book Four.

Ragnar has released art he created himself of Ge'en, which may mean it will feature in ''Dreamfall Chapters''.http// Ragnar's blog - Ge'en concept The twin-peaked mountain from the old map seems to remain.


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