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Garmon Koumas is the Azadi combat trainer of Kian Alvane and other Apostles inside the Sixth Circle in Sadir. When Commander Vamon and the Emissary speculate that "someone within the Sixth Circle holds Kian's hand", it is possible that they are referring to Koumas. Indeed, Kian observes "He is disliked by many, and he may be too outspoken for most, but his skills as a teacher are undeniable, and his stature in Sadir is great". He is a powerfully-built man, with long, braided red hair and extensive blue tattooing giving him the appearance of a Celt or Viking warrior. Perhaps oddly for an Azadi (who often sound Irish or English), his accent is Scottish.

Koumas saw potential in Kian when he was just an orphan, and has probably been training him in the arts of war for most of his life. While he is faithful to the Six Koumas' first priority is to the Goddess, and he warns Kian against his attempts to be equally devoted to the two. He concerns himself only with duty and military training, and believes politics to be the exclusive province of women. Despite his loyalty, he believes the mixing of religion and war "mix as well as dry grass and a flaming torch." He does not consider forced conversion to be a wise course of action, and considers they would be better letting people come to the faith in their own time. This is indeed odd for someone who considers himself loyal to the Six.

Having travelled to the Northlands earlier in his life Koumas warns Kian to make his own decisions when there, and not to be the puppet of his superiors. Of the Northlands he says "There is indeed arrogance, oppression, murder, and fear in those lands...but there's also beauty, freedom, and humility. And the brightest day has the darkest shadows, Kian. Remember that."

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