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}}Dark, cicular tower that looms over Marcuria from a hilltop at the end of Crab Bend, Friar's Keep serves as the holding place for political prisoners. It is an imposing, sinister-looking edifice of 4 stories and 24 cells, whose walls block the use of magic and enchanted doors keep intruders out - and prisoners in. It would seem that Friar's Keep pre-dates the Azadi occupation, as it is still administered by the City Watch according to April, Friar's Keep used to house condemned prisoners. There also seems to be a prison for more run-of-the-mill offenders in Marcuria the City Jail over on Cold Stone. The staff of native Marcurians is headed by Warden Murron, a supercilious bureaucrat who - as Kian observes - "is a true example of why women should be the ones in positions of power". The cells are guarded by the somewhat naive Dagdam Yiru and the ever-hungry (and ever-sleepy) Elwyn Beonon. All food is cooked by Mrs Brytt, and in observation of somewhat excessive security they even forge all their own keys in the basement. Nevertheless all is overseen by a resident Azadi soldier, and the entire prison seems now to be little more than a waypoint for prisoners where they may be interrogated and tortured (they are not even issued with bedsheets!) before they are sent by Cloudship back to Sadir, for trial and subsequent beheading. They also appear to have several modern conveniences, including a network of telephone-like Speaking Tubes and heating fuelled by oil, rather than firewood. When Zoe is arrested for witchcraft and imprisoned in the Keep, Kian is sent to interrogate her. Judging her to be innocent he commands her release but Murron, ever the stickler for protocol, refuses to do so because his orders are to transport all prisoners put into his care to Sadir for trial. It is left to April and Crow to break Zoë out, and they do so with some help from Roper Klacks' Potions and a sandwich from Benrime Salmin to help April pose - Pizza Box - as a delivery girl to gain entry to the prison. {{Marcurianav}} ruМонашья темница CategoryDreamfall CategoryArcadia CategoryLocations CategoryDreamfall Locations CategoryDreamfall Chapters Locations CategoryMarcuria