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Back TalkThe Longest Journey we talked about putting together a patch/version history for TLJ. I did one ages ago, but somehow lost it and didn't have the heart to try again until now. Reading your suggestion, Jo, I went to start a "Patches" page and put all the TLJ info into it, but stopped myself. Here is what I had

==2CD/DVD/DDL Versions==

===Version 161===
* Fixed a crash on dual-core machines
* Added a configuration tool
* Fixed CDROM detection code
* Fixed a crash in the loading screen

===Version 160===
* A number of fixes to font handling for Russian version.
* Bugfixes
* New default savegame location.
* Setup dialog is now skipped by default
* Vista compatibility
** sound engine upgrade
** support for multiple user accounts
** runs as restricted user (installation requires admin rights)

===Version 157===
* Fixed a crash at the altar in chapter 7.

===Version 156===
* Fixed a bug where savegames would not load properly, resulting in closed doors and other ways to get stuck.

===Version 155===
* Resolved a Windows 98 compatibility issue with save games.

===Version 154===
* Fixed a crash related to stick figure animations in the Swedish release.
* Fixed a problem with savegames that couldn't be loaded.
* Fixed an issue with the game freezing after loading a savegame.
* When you are saving in the Temple, you will no longer get stuck because of the closed doors.

===Version 153===
* Fixed Graphics FX setting in options screen.
* Removed deprecated WBuffer support.
* Removed crash after FMV due to speed-related bug in Bink.
* Fixed a pathfinding problem where April could get stuck in a tree.
* Fixed two cases where the game would crash when played without a sound card.
* Prevented another crash that would happen after FMV sequences.
* Fixed a couple of glitches in background sounds.
* Fixed an animation-related crash when loading certain saves.
* In later chapters, when you come back to the market stalls and they are deserted, there will not be voices in the background.

===Version 152===
* Fixed a bug that meant the game could get stuck when sitting on the bench and looking at the monkey.

===Version 151===
* Fixed a bug that would frequently make the game crash after saving.

===Version 150===
* Fixed a bug where an object at the police station got render into an invalid DirectX memory location.
* Fixed a potential crash in the voice code.

===Version 149===
* Fixed a crash related to sounds when saving the game.

===Version 148===
* Fixed some sound problems

==4CD Version==
===Version 142===
The 4CD version of TLJ included build numbers ranging up to 142 (including http// At some point it was re-released with a "Complete Install" option that installed everything to the HD and removed the need to have the CD's in the tray. This later release also came with the "station_fix" patch CD1 to fix the crash that occurred the second time that April left the NPD station. This was not installed by default, but only if the game crashed at that point.

If playing Norwegian or Swedish TLJ, you find the patches below.

For the Dutch, German, UK, North American, Spanish, Italian, Polish or Czech versions you will find the patch in the "Station_fix" folder on CD One.
Please select a language version from the list below
* Norwegian Version
* Swedish Version
* English Version

It gets a little messy towards the end there because I hadn't done much with what I copied off the old TLJ site.

As you can see, this is more version history than patches. I could make it the former, mention something about the German special edition, DVD and DF re-release and DDL versions, and create a separate Patches article that just has the Station Fix, 161 and the unofficial AA patch. How does that sound? 

Another question is it better to have them in descending or ascending chronological order? 

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