== The Longest Journey ==
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Fiona is April's landlady. Together with her girlfriend Mickey, she runs the Border House. Fiona is more comfortable with people than Mickey, and takes care of the cleaning and running of the household. She has a soft spot for April and treats her like a younger sister.

Originally from England, when she was 19 and living in inner-city London Fiona got together with Mickey (then in her late 30s). We don't know how long it was before they came to Newport, but Fiona implies that they've been there for 15 years. This makes Fiona at least 34 and Mickey at least 52.

She's a friendly, mischievous character who teases April by talking about her sexual fantasies. She's happy to sit and gossip with April, but becomes more and more concerned about the strange goings-on in Venice. She confides in April that she briefly saw an 'Third City' in one of the canals, and is present in the Border House's living room when a rainforest erupts from the Screen during a documentary.

When April finds Gordon Halloway waiting for her at the Border House, Fiona is sobbing on the sofa while Emma urges April to run. It may be that Fiona and Mickey took Emma to the hospital after Gordon gives the order to have her shot, but as Lady Alvane tells April later, Fiona is angry with April for not telling her more about what was happening.

Fiona is voiced by http// Francesca Longrigg.
== Dreamfall ==
We don't really know what has happened to Fiona (or Mickey) since the Collapse, other than that Charlie tells Zoe Castillo that she's the one who put Reza Temiz into contact with him. Presumably Reza's research into the Static (either independently or pointed in that direction by Damien or Rio Kuroki) lead him to their experiment at the Victory Hotel formerly the Border House. Her name must have come up as the last listed owner of the building. Given that she provided Charlie as a contact, it is likely that she is no longer in the area. Given the state of Venice after the Collapse, this is hardly surprising.

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