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Stark Minstrum and Roman Catholic priest of the Hope Street Cathedral, Father Raul is a friend of Cortez who directs April to Warren Hughes, and fills April in on some of the details of her mission.

When Raul was studying theology, he discovered certain documents that began to undermine his faith in Catholicism (undoubtedly a reference to certain Gnostic texts such as The Gospel of Thomas). It was at this time that the Sentinel found him, and told him the truth about the Balance. Strangely enough this reaffirmed Raul's Christian faith, although he also joined the Sentinel. While not a Shifter, he has been fortunate enough to read some of the ''Scriptures of the Balance''.

At some point Cortez befriended him, and the two friends now speak every few days. The Hughes family were also "regulars" at the cathedral until their migration to the colonies. While he hasn't seen Warren since then he must have kept track of the boy, as he is aware that the Warren joined the Razorblades gang and directs April to their meeting place.

April is baffled by the fact that Raul is both Priest and Minstrum, so Raul explains that “Belief in the Balance and belief in God are not mutually exclusive. The Sentinel order was founded on the basis of protecting the Balance, not to worship a higher power. As long as our devotion to whatever god we believe in doesn't conflict with our duty to the Balance, and vice versa, who's to say we can't work in the best interest of both?" When April comments that she always considered the Sentinel their own faith, Raul replies "It is a faith, but a faith in something less than God, yet more than magic or the laws of nature. The Balance was created by someone, was it not?"
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