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Repairman who has been contracted to fix the electronic doors leading from the lobby to the inside of the NPD station, when April wants to reach the Archives.

His poor social skills and surly nature have left him lonely for most of his life, and when April asks innocently how she smells after her ride in the garbage truck, the Repairman has to check that she isn't coming onto him (he wouldn't want to miss an opportunity).

Perhaps because of this he has struggled in the past with alcoholism, and when he smells the rum soaked into April's clothes from the garbage truck invites her to his AA meeting "downtown every Wednesday night".

He is a loyal member of his trade union, and is a stickler for the rules when they act in his favour. April is forced to forge a Union Form 09042-A to get them to abandon an extended lunch break just so she can sneak through the doors. However, while he may be almost as heartless a bureaucrat as the Front Desk Sergeant, he is nowhere near as intelligent ("Bu-what?").

He looks after his mentally disabled co-worker George, and is distracted by April from working on the doors (once they are partially fixed) by a phony phone call regarding union business.

The logo on the back of his uniform reads (clockwise, from top left) "V-W-U".

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