Far West

==The Longest Journey==

One of the four great continents of Arcadia separated by the Great Ocean from the others the Northlands, the Southlands, and a supposed eastern continent. This continent is known to us only from Travels in the Northlands|''Travels in the Northlands'' by Jemein the Discoverer, who records that he has been carried there on the Shadow Ships of the Dark People. Its shoreline is composed of tall cliffs, and the language and culture of its people were entirely alien to Jemein, who describes it as "a World of Great Wonder and Mysticism".

The Alatien also have a story about a beautiful princess from the West.


In Dreamfall it is revealed to be the home continent of the Azadi. The capital city of their empire is Sadir; we also know of another city called Tahran.

It seems to be of a temperate climate, as Sadir is warm enough for the trainee Apostles in the War Garden to exercise without shirts on, not to mention Azadi soldiers' constant complaints about the cold weather in the Northlands.

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