The acceptance of the unity achieved varies among the citizens of Europolis. However, some traces of a language identity are found throughout the vast "city-country", mostly through seemingly haphazard borrowing of words from non English, formerly European languages – often German. Upon moving to Europolis, even Zoë Maya Castillo can not escape immediately picking up a few peculiarities of the sociolect called '''EuroSlang'''.https// Ragnar Tørnquist tweet about Euroslang

== Notable vocabulary  ==
* "''legal''" – the Europoleans seem to prefer the Spanish pronunciation and syllable stress
* "''entspann''" – the German word for "relax" is used in that sense in Euroslang, yet the Europoleans prefer to use it as a non reflexive verb
* "''bruder''" – the German word for "brother", yet used in Europolis to generally mean "pal" or "mate"
* "''atze''" – a similar German expression meaning "pal"/"chum"
* "''ziomal''" - Polish for "buddy" or "good friend"
* "''megageil''" – a German word used with the meaning of "awesome"
* "''scriberling''" – loan translation of the German "Schreiberling", a derogatory expression for journalist
* "''superbon''" – a similar adjective and exclamation, probably of French origin, meaning "super-good"
* ''"tamam"'' – from the Turkish language, meaning "All right" or "OK"
* "''lecker''" – German word for delicious
* "''puta''" – of Spanish origin, originally meaning "whore". Europoleans seem to use it less as a personal insult and more as a curse word like "shit"
* "''mause''" – possibly a modified version of "Mäuse" ("mice"), meaning "money" in contemporary German
* "''friede''" – somewhat archaic word for "peace" in German, used in Europolis to express "calm down!"
* "''bulle''" – altered version of the German plural "Bullen" ("bulls"), a derogatory term for the police
* "''scheiße''" – German word for shit
* "''sozie''"'' ''– derogatory word for social democrat, imported from German and pronounced like "cozy"
* "''chungo''" - originally a spanish word for rotten but used by adolescants to replace "sucks".
* "''chorbo''" - spanish word for guy, boyfriend

== References ==

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