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'''Europolis''' is a city in Stark. Sprawling across central Europe, it encompasses the former states Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, along with most of the former state of France and a bit of the old Balkan states. It is described as "the filthy bowels and bloodied entrails of Europe".http// Kickstarter Update 

Europolis is the home of the famous Holosculpture Emma de Vrijer. The Newsfeed accessible through Wonkers features a story about a celebrity called Gagan Garlanka visiting the "swanky Europolis nightclub 'Bitte'" with China model Vivian Zhu, and Reza and Zoe spent a drunken night there a sleazy hotel on Jarl Street. It is where she bought him the lighter she later finds in the Victory Hotel.

One of the women in the Casablanca Souk, Fatima, tells Zoë that her daughter Hana moved back to Casablanca from Europolis last Spring (March-May 2218). Apparently "it's not a good place to live. So much violence and pollution." While this may indicate that Europolis was left in a chaotic state by the Collapse, it must be remembered that the same description could be given of many affluent cities in our own time, such as Los Angeles.

Olivia DeMarco also uses a Bingo!-Europolis carrier signal to conceal her final message to Zoë.

==Dreamfall Chapters==
Europolis is one of the main locations in Dreamfall Chapters. Already crumbling away, the release of the Dreamer Console has seen people retreat into lucid dreams, venturing out only to visit seedy dream factories.

Zoë Castillo moves to Propast, Europolis after waking up from her coma. There, she meets shady dealers like Mira and Wit and corporate jagers like Falk Friedman. At this time, Europolis' elections are forthcoming and Zoë starts doing volunteer work for the Unity Party. For the past five years, Dieter Gross and his Alliance of European
Democrats for Freedom and Liberty has been in power. He is running for re-election alongside Konstantin Wolf, leader of the European Dawn, who want to restore Europe's former borders; Marta Ribas of Manifesto, a united Marxist party; and Lea Umińska of Unity, a moderate social democratic party. Politics in Europolis is heavily tied up with the power of corporations and their own security organisations - the Syndicate and the EYE.

==Behind the scenes==
According to Ragnar Tornquist's blog, Europolis was intended to be a playable location in ''Dreamfall'' but was later cut. In the same post he said that, in the TLJ universe, Europe is a "poverty-stricken and thoroughly corrupted wasteland (that makes) Venice look like a paradise."http// Dreamfall and the USA, a clarification Part of the reason for this was to help build a more original setting by inverting the usual notions of affluent Western nations and poorer African-Asian nations.

Gr. ''europa'' - 'broad-faced'; Gr. ''polis'' - 'city, country (as named after its city)'

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