== Dreamfall Chapters ==
{{Quote'll always worry. But I'll always come back to you. This is our anchor, in time and space, in all worlds past, present and future."

"You're starting to sound like a real-estate agent."

"Recently renovated, low interest-rates, unbound from space an time, never twice the same neigbourhood, comes with one beautiful baby girl and a sexy, willing wife.}}{{Infobox character= Etta= Imagechaptersetta.png= x350= Writer, wife and mother= Female= = Midgardian= House of All Worlds= Dreamfall Chapters= http// Sarah Hamilton (unconfirmed)}} '''Etta''' is an inhabitant of the House of All Worlds, together with her husband Magnus and their daughter Saga. She appears to be a writer and has acute senses, being able to tell that there is someone else in the house when the White Dragon reborn visits Saga. Between the events of Interlude I (Book 1) and Interlude II (Book 3), Etta has been missing from the House and Saga seems to have grown up without knowing her. In Book Four Revelations, Saga mentions that her father's name for where Etta came from is "Midgard", which (along with her unusual skin and hair colour) she may be somehow related to Norse mythology. == Trivia == * During the Kickstarter, Sarah Hamilton was confirmed as a voice actress for Chapters – actually, she was the only confirmed voice actor for years. However, Ragnar Tørnquist said that her role would not necessarily be her usual one, that of April Ryan. The solution to these enigmatic words is Etta, as fans have immediately recognized Sarah's voice in her few sentences spoken during Book 1. ruЭтта CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryCharacters CategoryDreamfall Chapters Characters