Epilogue Those Who Walk Between Worlds

'''Those who walk between Worlds''' is the Epilogue of Dreamfall Chapters. It shows us an aged Saga, now called Lady Alvane, in the House of All Worlds, pondering her past and still looking into a bit of the future.


Lady Alvane enters the living room in the House of All Worlds. After (optionally) looking at all the mementos from her eventful life that adorn the walls of her home, she kindles a fire. There's a knock at the window – Lady Alvane opens it and lets a gray-feathered, aged but still very lively Crow in. After scolding him for adventuring in such dangerous surroundings, Lady Alvane asks Crow to leave the room, as she's receiving a visitor who shouldn't see him in order to not raise too many difficult questions. Crow consents after Lady Alvane promises him fresh shortbread later on. However, he can still be seen watching the living room when Lady Alvane sits down to wait for her visitor.

A Shift opens behind her chair. Lady Alvane welcomes the flabbergasted April Ryan to her home – it's the exact situation from The Longest Journey's chapter nine, "Shadows".

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== Mementos ==
The various pictures and exhibits give us insight into Lady Alvane's long life and the course of the protagonists' futures.
* '''Zoë’s portrait''' While Zoë Maya Castillo has died in the meantime, her daughter and grandchildren are still alive in Lady Alvane’s time.
* '''Crow (Saga's Drawing)(Saga's Drawing)''' Lady Alvane kept her childhood drawing. She insists that she experienced April’s story “with her own eyes”, hinting at her being the reincarnation of April Ryan.
* '''Likho’s portrait''' determinant Likely drawn by herself. Likho, who saved Kian’s life a great number of times, has died in the meantime, before reunification occurred (If Likho died during the Enclave raid/ did not go to Sadir with Kian, the portrait is missing, leaving a blank spot on the wall).
* '''Sadir painting''' Kian Alvane became king eventually, though he never particularly cared for the position. Lady Alvane has outlived him as well, and misses him dearly.
* '''Saga’s dreamworld painting''' As introduced in Book 4, the painting shows the landscape from Prologue A Lion is in the Streets’s Prologue. Lady Alvane says that it’s a real place – and that she got to visit it herself, probably to get reconnected with her past as April Ryan. 
* '''Silfen Worlds Memento''' Lady Alvane has visited countless worlds way beyond Stark and Arcadia, but her restlesness always brought her to move on quickly.
* '''Silver Spear of Gorimon''' Though Lady Alvane is aware of its ongoing grave danger to all things magical, she keeps the spear and uses it as a walking stick, showing disrespect on purpose.
* '''Glowing skull''' Lady Alvane mentions visiting a world of the dead, populated by very polite but oh so creepy citizens.
* '''Rotating yellow cube''' Reminds Lady Alvane of a world with either less or more than three spatial dimensions.
* '''Blue mineral crystals''' Remind Lady Alvane of a difficult to reach world where she visited the “City of Three Moons”. She went there in search of a “Midgardian woman” she heard turned up there; likely she hoped that this was her mother Etta.
* '''Etta’s Typewriter''' The memento of her mother makes Lady Alvane profoundly sad. She still wonders what happened to her. Her father said she was “lost in time”, which is why she never came back. Lady Alvane ponders whether to get Etta’s beautiful stories published.
* '''Magnus’ glasses''' Lady Alvane’s father left the glasses behind – where he was going, there were no wardens to see. Lady Alvane seems to remember the good times they had together, her father’s futile attempts to lock her up, and how she made life difficult for him that way. She is glad she got to say her final goodbyes to him.
* '''Photograph of Etta and Magnus''' Magnus eventually left in search of his wife and never returned. Lady Alvane hopes that he eventually found Etta, and that they had a happily ever after. Magnus, she says, never lost hope – while she actually did.
* '''Multiverse map''' Lady Alvane thinks of herself as a most experienced Songline traveller, but still she only scratched the surface and time is running out for her. People seem to ask her for records of her journeys and maps; but she refuses out of supposed time constraints.
* '''Lettoch Beag Cottage photograph''' A mystery brought her there, but she wasn’t able to solve it. She left a “memento” for two people there – likely her parents.
* '''Collapse Memorial Miniature''' Lady Alvane likens reunification to the Collapse; for Starkians, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.
* '''Book shelf''' Books about Stickmen, Songlines, Time, Reincarnation and lastly the one and only book about the House of all Worlds, “her own” book, Lady Alvane says.
* '''Tapestry shred showing the White Dragon''' Lady Alvane is aware that the White Dragon visited her when she was a baby; but the meeting promised by the Kin still lies in Lady Alvane’s future. Lady Alvane ponders how the White Dragon, April and herself are related; she says life isn’t a circle, but a spiral, with a definite ending.
* '''Snow globe memento''' Lady Alvane visited a “post physical” world, but it drove her nuts.
* '''Starkadian globe''' Decades of turmoil followed reunification, but Lady Alvane insists it had to be done eventually. Some call the unified world “Starkadia”, which is not to her liking.
* '''“History of the War of the Balance”''' '''books''' Written by Galath, her "uncle" and childhood friend, with the help of Lady Alvane’s first hand accounts. She hasn’t gotten through all 14 volumes still. Galath has departed forever in the meantime, “to the stars”.
* '''Crow's feather''' Crow hates growing old; and he remains Lady Alvane’s “best friend and companion”
* '''April portrait''' While Lady Alvane still possesses April’s memories, they begin to merge into second hand accounts she’s heard and read, impossible to separate from each other. Lady Alvane still wonders what their connection really is, but knows April will always be “part of her”.
* '''Talisman of the Balance''' Lady Alvane is aware of how strangely illogical the presence of April’s talisman in the House of All Worlds is. Through it, she feels April’s presence most strongly.
* '''Chart of Songlines''' Though she’s travelled them far and wide, Lady Alvane claims to only start out understanding Songlines. It’s implied that this is a map she drew herself, possibly contradicting in part her thoughts on the Multiverse Map.
* '''Hugsy''' Her plushie stayed with Lady Alvane, and she’s glad. She acknowledges that Hugsy really did speak to her when she was younger – some mysterious form of life – and that her mother left him to watch over her. Lady Alvane wants to make “sure it is free to leave” before she dies, whatever that means.
* '''Teacup''' Lady Alvane speaks of one "Rose" whom she hasn't thought of in half a century. Rose seems to have loved making dragonfly models – precisely like Queenie; she seems to eventually have left the worlds, "going post physical" to reunite "with her Alvin".
* '''Ceiling symbol of the Balance''' Lady Alvane admires the design. The symbol keeps the House balanced between "all worlds and all times", she says. While she wonders whether the House can go on existing without any inhabitants, her parents always insisted that it is alive in its own right and may live on without.

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