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=== Summary ===

We return to Zoe Castillo's hospital room, where Zoë tells us she has completed her story. But... nothing's back to normal. The wrongdoers weren't punished, and the Dreamer Console could still be released. She appeals for anyone who can hear her, anyone at all, to do what they can. It's out of her hands now, "but if death is the end, take comfort that our dreams remain behind."

As she's talking, the door opens... and Reza Temiz walks in, apparently alive and well. Gabriel Castillo get to his feet and grasps his shoulder, relieved to see him. Reza asks how Zoë is Gabriel confesses that she's fading away. By the bed, unseen, Zoë watches them and her own unconscious body. She warns her father - "Careful, Dad... That is not him", then whispers a farewell.

FileZoe Vagabond Storytime.jpg"You're here to tell me a story, Zoë." The scene fades to a familiar place... the Storytime. Zoë appears and approaches the withered tree and the campfire, where the Vagabond welcomes her. He is evidently pleased to see her, telling her something of the place she is in, and her role in it. She is a Dreamer, and this is the place where all the stories begin. Zoë asks to hear one, but the Vagabond says she must tell her own story, and there is little time. Zoë asks why - the Vagabond tells her "because the Undreaming is unchained." Concerned by this, after the Vagabond's prompting, Zoë begins to tell the story she has just narrated, although this time she begins with "My name is Zoë Castillo, and I think I might be dead."

The scene changes to three months later.

A Screen is showing a news report about the exciting new release from WATI - Project Alchera! This is the entertainment release of the century, maybe of all time. The news anchors talk about how people are queuing up to buy it. "Modern technology you just gotta love it!"

In Marcuria, we see the Azadi Tower is now complete. As we watch, lightning and ominous storm clouds gather around the Tower, while there is audible feminine laughter.

After the credits there is a short cutscene titled 'Tibet, 1933'.

Brian Westhouse, laden down with a pack, is struggling up a steep mountain path in a blizzard. He stumbles and falls into a snowdrift, unable to go on. From behind him emerges a figure with dark hair, a man who helps him to his feet. Brian is astonished to see him, addressing him as 'Cortez' and asking "What are you doing here?"

The man replies "Time is a circle - it will not end here. You are needed."

Together, they stagger on through the blizzard, presumably towards the monastery and what awaits Brian there.

The Longest Journey (Dreamfall chapter)(Dreamfall Chapters)=== Themes & References ===

The full meaning of the title of this chapter (and, of course, the game) is yet to be revealed. Some suggestions include that the release of Dreamtime will lead to a world(s)-wide collapse of dreaming, or that there will be a deluge of dreams (as in a 'waterfall'. This calls to mind Gordon Halloway's words "Dreams are passing from Stark to Arcadia, but not the other way around. A slow trickle that may grow to a torrent").

When Zoë began narrating Dreamfall in Chapter One, she used instead the words "My name is Zoë Castillo. I don't usually look this pale, but that's what you get for being in a coma."

As Brian told Zoë in Chapter 9, he left Tibet for Arcadia in 1933. This is one year earlier than the year he told April in TLJ. Ragnar has either forgotten the exact year between games, or this discrepancy has some as-yet unknown significance.

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