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Twilight Child 

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{{TemplateQuote, it's Enu-Mar Sand'ya, Twilight Child, Daughter of Te'a-Mar, and my father would kill me if he knew I used just 'Enu' instead of my proper full name, but he's not around so, hey!}}

"'''Enu''' is a Zhid farmgirl who ran away from her parents' homestead to join the magical resistance in Marcuria, fighting the Azadi occupational forces.

The Azadi recently begun to round up non-humans, sending them off to re-education camps in the southern isles. Enu's family has not yet been affected by the campaign against magicals, but Enu felt she could not just stand by and watch the injustice, as other races were imprisoned and exiled.

Enu can be rash and hotheaded, and she has a tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong time, but her combat skills are of great use to the resistance and she is respected and revered for her bravery, intelligence and kindness.

At heart, however, Enu is insecure and afraid to disappoint her fellow rebels, and she feels she has to constantly prove herself to live up to the high standards set by the resistance - and by her conservative parents."https//www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey/posts/1059823 Kickstarter Update Character Profile

Enu rides a Leapfurhttp//youtu.be/EsAmaDfyO6k?t=16m1s Youtube - Rezzed 2013 Developer Session, and she's said to be a very important character in Dreamfall Chapters.https//www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey/posts/727214 Kickstarter Update January Development Update
FileEanu.png."fifth-born child". While Sand'ya is close to Indian name Sandhya, which means "Twilight". Her father's name, Te'a-Mar, is similar to te amar, "love you" in Portugese.


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