== The Longest Journey ==
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An Elgwan is a large mammalian quadruped, with a turtle-like - but soft - shell covering its back. It stands about 3m tall and is about 5m long from top to tail. They are used as both pack and riding animals. A variety of the species, the Giant Elgwan, is found in Ch'angagriel. Minstrum Yerin informs April that in the desert they can smell water from more than half a day's walk away.
== Dreamfall ==
An Elgwan appears to be operating the well in the South Gate Market Zoe can hide behind it to sneak past an Azadi soldier who guards the alley where Crazy Clara's pet is hiding.

Roper Klacks can be found selling Elgwan bladders from his potions stall, suggesting they have a use in alchemy.

== Dreamfall Chapters ==
FileGloriouselgwan.png' Book Three, though Zoë doesn't seem to remember the exact name of the animal. 

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