Eingana is the name given to the gigantic organic computer in the laboratory beneath WATI City, which resembles a huge alien flower suspended in solution. Outside the lab, however, Eingana is known as the DreamCore. Zoe Castillo infiltrates the laboratory to implant a Data Worm in Eingana, and uncover the source of the interference in DreamNet that Damien Cavanaugh described. The scientists working on Eingana refer to the computer as 'she'.

The technicians have said that Eingana has been acting strangely recently, and that she appears to be growing. More specifically, there is more information in her than there should be space for. This is causing problems such as glitches and system crashes. As Eingana regulates DreamNet, Alvin Peats' comments suggest that he is also linked to the computer, as he describes Reza Temiz's dreams. Eingana is also affected by April Ryan's touching of the Dream Vortex which lies directly beneath the Azadi Tower in Marcuria, which suggests that the extra information that the scientists referred to is physically located in the Dream Chamber.

Eingana was a creator goddess in Central Autralian Aboriginal mythology who governed both life and death, and was the mother of water, animals and humans. Appropriately, considering WATI's plans, Eingana was said to hold sinews that connected to every living thing and that, if she released the sinew, the attached creature would perish (visible in the concept art). This hints that Project Alchera might have even more sinister overtones.

Dreamfall Chapters will explain the mysteries of Eingana (60516, http//www.twitch.tv/redthreadgames/b/370112870 livestream ).
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