Dreamfall Limited Edition

ImageDreamfall - Limited edition.jpgDreamfall Limited Edition was a special release of the PC-DVD version. The limited edition contains
* ''Dreamfall'' on DVD
* Magnet's Music of Dreamfall with four songs
* A 92-page hardcover art book with concept art
* 4 signed postcards featuring concept art

==Dreamfall Collector's Edition (UK)==
ImageDreamfall uk ce.png
This http//www.game.co.uk/PC/Action/Adventure/~r329820/Dreamfall-Collectors-Edition/?cat=10350&mid=329820 PC-DVD edition was released on the 9th of February, 2007. It
* ''Dreamfall'' on DVD
* ''The Longest Journey'' on DVD (equivalent to the 2 CD version)
* Leon Willett's Music of Dreamfall* The 92-page hardcover art book with concept art
Ragnar http//ragnartornquist.com/?p=326 noted on his blog that a 3rd and final trailer for ''Dreamfall'', that he created after the game had gone gold but was never released by Funcom, was included on this UK edition. He posted it to YouTube and linked to it on his site but it was later removed, presumably by order of marketing. You can view it on the Videos#.22Final Trailer.22 page of this wiki
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