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Dr. Jeanine Park was, along with Dr. Zubov and Dr. Grondal, one of the scientists involved in the Morpheus experimentation conducted on Faith. Zoe Castillo finds a data cube in the abandoned laboratory that contains Dr. Park's records from 23/9/2218-5/11/18 (2 days after Faith's death).

Her observations gradually become more of a journal as she chronicles the experiment's progress, and her own doubts and fears. From the cube we learn that her misgivings about the project became harder to ignore as she saw Faith's suffering, and that she was present when Faith died, actually becoming the first person to witness the Static phenomenon.

She claims to have left the cube behind so that some trace of Faith would remain and that WATI could not just pretend she never existed, after their clean-up of the lab. Why exactly they left a data cube with incriminating evidence lying in open sight is just one more mystery in Dreamfall. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Given WATI's ruthlessness when it comes to Project Alchera, it is entirely possible they had Dr. Park killed to protect their secret.

Dr. Park is voiced by Julia Murney.

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