==The Longest Journey==

A blue-skinned humanoid race, who appear to have a third eye tattooed on their forehead. The Dolmari can be found in as diverse a range of areas as humans, including their abandoned resort island of Alais, the Southlands like Tun Luiec, or north of Ayrede as related in the ''Travels in the Northlands''. One of the Cups Handler's prizes is an antique Dolmari canter from Ge'en, an island that shares the Sea of Songs with Alais.

Indeed, the ruins of their resort on Alais tell us that their civilisation was quite sophisticated, utilising relatively complex stone structures, and also a form of magical technology which they employed on Alais for a form of telephony. Apparently they gave the call to prayer, like an Islamic http// minaret.

It seems that their culture was ravaged at some point centuries ago, however, by the Great Plague. This may have lead to a diminishing of their race, and their now unenviable position in other societies. Karek told April Ryan to avoid the Dolmari quarter, and said of his old Dolmari errand boy Ulen "Never send a Dolmari to do a human's job".

==  Dreamfall  ==
As a non-human race, the Dolmari in Marcuria have suffered under the Azadi, persecuted and forced to live in the Magic Ghetto. In ''The Longest Journey'' we were given the impression that the Dolmari were second class citizens, but in ''Dreamfall'', April claims that the Dolmari were comfortably integrated into Marcurian society, which is why they are finding their new situation so difficult. This is not the case for all of Arcadia, however, as the empire of Irhad is ruled by a Dolmari.

The Dolmari appear to have lost their tattooed third eye. This has done nothing to diminish their appeal to humans, however. Zoe Castillo wishes she had blue skin, and April reveals she had a dalliance with a Dolmari. "He was a fierce lover."

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