One of Zoe Castillo's friends, studying at Cape Town University. Usually mentioned in connection with Katrina. Zoë tells Reza Temiz that she misses both of them, but can't summon the will to go back to Cape Town and visit.

The only contact we have with David is a hurried - but rather telling - reply to Katrina's message to Zoë

FROM David A.

SUBJECT Don't believe her

What did Kat just write you? It's all lies, I wasn't anywhere near that bar, I didn't know she was a freshman, and besides I was very, very drunk at the time.

So when are you coming down to Cape Town to visit? Don't tell me we have to go up there to see you. What's there to do in Casablanca? Nothing, that's what. If you don't come down here soon, I'll put those pictures on the Wire, I swear. And I'll charge good money for them, too.

By the way, I've always been meaning to ask are they real???

Come back to us! Pleeease!