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An impressive and beautiful structure, the Dark People's Library has the greatest collection of knowledge in Arcadia. The Dark People collect the writings of others - books, stone tablets, parchments, anything with words - and keep them safe, seeking to claim every word ever written from the first to the last. It was first mentioned in the Longest Journey; Minstrum Yerin compared the Sentinel Enclave library to the Dark People's Library, although added wistfully to April "but of course, we're not allowed anywhere near it". It was also mentioned in the unlockable ''Book of Secrets'', which was supposedly lodged there.

The Library is located within the Dark People's City, and thus its location changes with the ocean currents. April Ryan travels there by Shadow Ship, whereas Zoe Castillo, Brian Westhouse and Crow take a cloudship.

The Library itself is a huge structure, seemingly built inside a gigantic tree whose trunk and roots reach deep underwater. A spiral staircase runs down the centre, with bookshelves set into the walls at intervals. There are many desks and chairs for readers to use, and the interior is lit by candles and phosphorescent lights. The walls are pierced with large windows that allow an underwater view, revealing other trees growing down through the water nearby, and colourful fish. The Library is protected by the Dark People, and the fact its location often changes allows a degree of secrecy. This made it an excellent sanctuary for the White Dragon reborn.

Access to the Library is only permitted in special cases. The reborn White Dragon is allowed in because of her status as one of the Draic Kin. While April should have been admitted as a Wave, she actually has to procure a Farewell to My Wizardin' Days. Zoë is made welcome because the White of the Kin told the Dark People she was coming. However, Crow seems to have been in the Library for some time, reading as part of his 'voyage of self discovery', and Brian Westhouse mentions a Dolmari man from the Rose Court who was permitted access. Apparently, admittance is normally at the Dark People's discretion, and for their own reasons,.

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