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Entrance to Ancient Shrine
Inside Ancient Shrine = The Longest Journey}} A large, luminous crystal used in the Ancient Shrine of the Maerum. Four of these crystals need to be placed on the altar and properly aligned to activate it - April retrieves them and reveals the murals concerning the true nature of the Maerum and the Alatien. The signs on the side of the crystals depict the essential elements of the Maerum culture fish, the ocean waves, their hunting equipment and a pyramide with an eye, which might be an abstract symbol for the Old God. The loss of these crystals may be why the altar ceased to work and the temple eventually became abandoned. The Maerum Queen has one of the crystals in her home, saying that one of the Maerum children found it and she was simply using it for decoration. Obtained from the Maerum Queen, the seaweed, and at the foot of the altar. FileMaerum_altar.pngruКристалл CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryArcadia CategoryInventory Items