FileCrowboy-map.pngApril Ryan's favourite cartoon character after whom she named her best friend and self-appointed sidekick Crow. In the cartoons, Crowboy was a "a crow and a cowboy", as April puts it, who had "a hat, and a lasso, and an albatross called Old Whitey that he rode on". Crowboy travelled from town to town and fought injustice wherever he found it, which made him a hero in everyone's eyes.

Crow, originally apalled by the name when he found out what a "crow" actually is in Stark, has been so impressed by Crowboy's personality when April told him about him that he immediately made him his role model.

Crowboy appears as the mascot for an interactive map service in Propast, Europolis.

=== Quotes (Dreamfall Chapters)CategoryDreamfall Chapters ===
* Well, if it ain't my favourite cowgirl! Can I point you in the direction of sumthin', darlin'?
* Crowdy, pardner! Where you off to today?
* Yee-haw! I've got a hankerin' for givin' you directions!
* Any time you need a rootin', tootin', six-barrel-shootin' crow cowboy to give you direction to anywhere in Propast, you just call on Crowboy!

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