''Chapter Ten''
Zoe Castillo reappears - not in Stark, as she had hoped, but in a twilight swamp. There are piers and rough buildings, made from grounded boats, erected nearby clearly people live here, but Zoë is alone. As she makes her way across the platforms, a red firework like a signal flare goes overhead. Zoë watches it, then sees several figures on a pier at a distance. One of them looks familiar she calls to April.

We go back a few minutes elsewhere in the Swamp City, April is speaking to the Captain beside his boat, having just disembarked. April is quietly angry at herself. The supplies got through, but Benrime Salmin has been taken by the Azadi. April wants to tear down the Azadi Tower. The Captain just marvels at her capacity for revenge. As April goes through the city, she speaks to Kara and asks for just a few people – enough to mount a rescue mission for Benrime. Kara refuses to throw away more lives on April's crusade. Despondent, April wanders the city, looking at the starflies that gather over the houses.

As she walks she is surprised to see Na'ane, who says she escaped Marcuria by another route. Strangely subdued, she tells April a visitor from the city wants to speak to her on one of the piers. April agrees to meet this stranger. April cautions that if this man has information she will go back and rescue Benrime, and she'll need help - Na'ane says she would not let April go alone. As April mounts the pier, she sees a red flare go overhead shaking her head over the celebrations getting out of hand, she walks on. She arrives, then turns in surprise to see her 'visitor'.

Again, we go back a few minutes Kian Alvane, dressed as one of the Rebels, is lingering outside one of the houses, unmarked. As he waits, he sees a red flare overhead, puzzles over it briefly, then continues on his way. He is surprised by the obvious care the Rebels have for each other. He meets Na'ane and speaks to her, asking she fulfil her part of the bargain. Na'ane tells him the Scorpion is waiting for him on the pier. Kian goes on his way.

April turns to see her visitor is the Azadi soldier she met outside Friar's Keep. Horrified, she thinks she has led an infiltrator right to their camp. Kian is shocked to see her. Moved, he gives an impassioned speech his time in the Northlands has opened his eyes. He believes the Goddess has led him on a unique path, that She has led him to April, a woman not afraid to speak her mind and tell him the truth. He says he wants to return to Sadir, and tell the Six that what is happening here is wrong. Finally, April listens to him, convinced of his honour - at least enough to tell him her name. But she's confused why did Na'ane say that Kian had information for her?

Suddenly, overhead, Azadi Cloudships - battleships - appear over the Swamp City. As April and Kian watch, horrified, ropes drop from the ships and soldiers begin climbing down. Among them is Commander Vamon, who sweeps across to Kian in triumph. He finally has proof positive that Kian has defected and betrayed his people. Kian orders Vamon to stop the Rebels are civilians, women, children. Vamon is more interested in knowing if Kian has finally found his target - Kian says he had come to find the Scorpion but was led to April instead. April whispers the name, 'Scorpion' - the name the Azadi gave to her, after she had killed so many. Thinking he brought the soldiers here and was buying time, her tentative trust in Kian is shattered.

Vamon orders Kian to kill April. He has several possible responses, but finally refuses to do it. Vamon nods to one of his soldiers, who stabs April in the stomach with his halberd. She staggers back and falls from the pier. Furious, Kian turns on Vamon, who arrests him - and thanks him, for leading the Azadi right to the rebel hideout. Vowing revenge, Kian is taken away as Vamon orders the destruction of the Swamp City.

Watching in horror, Zoë can do nothing to help... then a large hand is put over her mouth. Chawan pulls her quietly into one of the huts, away from the battle. As Brynn frets over April's death, Chawan counsels escape, to fight another day. But Zoë cannot come with them, it's too dangerous. Remembering what happened to Zoë before, Chawan pours a magic sedating powder on the fire, and tells her to inhale the fumes. Zoë tries, but it doesn't seem to work. She begins to panic, then suddenly vanishes, as abruptly as she did at the Dark People's Library. As Azadi soldiers start hammering on the door, Chawan tells Brynn they must escape, but as the scene blacks out, we hear the door break and Brynn's desperate battle cry "For Raven!!" while Chawan shouts "No!"

All That We See or Seem...(Dreamfall chapter)
===Themes & References=== The title describes well the interlinked boardwalks of the Swamp City, but more abstractly refers to the the fact that like Chapter Eight, "Convergence", the parallel narratives of Dreamfall are all crossing each other at this point. It is also reminiscent of Brian's journal entry in the prologue "I am at a crossroads...". If this is intentional, it is not known what the reference could imply. One of the titles http// mentioned for a possible TLJ sequel was Journey's Crossing. {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава десятая Перекрёсток CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters