''Chapter Eight''

===   Summary   ===

Having defeated two Rebels, Kian Alvane starts interrogating a cowardly Zhid at swordpoint about the location of the Scorpion. The Zhid insists he doesn't know anything, but after some 'convincing', he agrees to tell them what he knows. Another Azadi soldier interrupts to give Kian some news they've caught a witch in the marketplace and taken her to Friar's Keep. Kian is intrigued, and decides to investigate this. As he heads across Marcuria, he almost bumps into Brynn who is racing past.

In the Journeyman Inn, April Ryan and Chawan are talking worriedly their boat has been delayed too long, and it's getting risky for them to stay in the city. Their conversation is interrupted by Brynn, who bursts in and tells them Zoe Castillo is back. But she's in trouble - she's been captured by the Azadi and imprisoned in Friar's Keep. Chawan eases April's fears that Zoë could give up vital intelligence under torture, but April is worried. She tells them to go on ahead she's going to help Zoë.

At Friar's Keep, Kian attempts to keep his patience with the fussy Warden Murron until Zoë is brought out of her cell to be interviewed. Kian speaks to her calmly but firmly under his questions we learn Zoë appeared out of thin air in the marketplace and resisted arrest. After a few minutes he tells the warden he thinks Zoë is innocent. Warden Murron says "guilty or innocent, they all go to Sadir". Annoyed, Kian says that the Tower will hear about this, and leaves.

FileKian and April.jpg"Ask a Sentinel Minstrum--if you can find one!" As Kian goes back towards Marcuria, he meets a woman - April - coming the other way towards the Keep. Believing he recognises her, Kian stops her to talk, but April is hostile because he's Azadi. Staying polite, Kian tries to pacify her, telling her the Azadi have made many improvements in Marcuria; April responds with anger and lists the Azadi's crimes in Marcuria demolishing the Temple of the Balance, rounding up the magicals, imposing their way of life, seeding fear and suspicion wherever they go... Kian suggests that they could learn more about each others' worlds, maybe come to an understanding, but April isn't interested. She says they're enemies. Kian points out they've only just met, but April remains cold, and passes him on her way to Friar's Keep. As she creeps around the side of the Keep, Crow lands in front of her, saying she can't ditch him that easily. April is impressed by his timing and asks him to help her rescue Zoë.

Sitting alone in her dank cell, Zoë is surprised to see a large black bird land in front of her... and even more surprised when he starts talking. Crow introduces himself, saying he's with April, and they start looking for a way out. After a run-in with the Dagdam Yiru, Crow takes information about the cell back to April. She runs to Oldtown and calls in a favour with Roper Klacks for Potion, acid to dissolve the bar on the door and a smoke bomb to take care of the guard. Once Zoë is out, April creates a diversion by delivering a Sandwich (Dreamfall)sleeping potion or not - and the two women sneak out through the storeroom, to safety.

The scene changes to the Journeyman Inn, where Zoë, disbelieving, is asking if April's really refusing to help. She doesn't care what the Guardian said; April has an obligation to stop whatever's happening. April refuses, saying she's already done her part to save the world. Zoë loses her temper, and storms out. When she's gone, Crow demands to know what April thinks she's doing. April objects, but Crow doesn't want excuses, and says if she won't help Zoë, he will. April is left alone in the room.

Outside, Crow catches up with Zoë and offers his services as a Guild of Sidekicks. He says that they're both out of their depth, and suggests getting some help from an adult, preferably one with a beard (it denotes wisdom). Happily, Brian Westhouse fits the bill, and he's still in Marcuria Zoë can walk off her bad temper by exploring the city, then meets both Brian and Crow at the South Gate. Brian politely greets Zoë, and says though he can't help her get back to Stark, he may know someone who can - a certain White Dragon reborn. Crow can guide them, but getting there presents a problem for those without wings. Brian has an answer for that too an Northlands Postal Service Cloudship. With Brian at the helm, the three of them are soon airborne.

Back at the Journeyman, presumably after getting more intelligence from the Zhid at the Tower, Kian leads a raid on the inn, killing several rebels and arresting Benrime Salmin. He bursts into an upstairs room and finds Na'ane hiding there. He demands to know where the Scorpion is; Na'ane makes no reply. Kian goads her, saying that the ship of supplies to the Swamp City will be boarded, the crew and passengers killed... Na'ane begs for the crew's life, and finally agrees to deliver the Scorpion to Kian if he will show mercy. Kian agrees, and a despondent Na'ane whispers a plea for forgiveness.

Destiny - All That We See or Seem...
=== Themes & References === The title of this chapter refers to the convergence of the three parallel stories, those of Zoë, April, and Kian. These range from the apparently coincidental, such as when Brynn bumps into Kian in Oldtown; to the significant, such as when April and Kian meet and argue. Brian Westhouse's response to Crow's skepticism, "Where we're going we won't need wings to fly!", is a reference to the 1985 sci-fi film, ''wikipediaBack to the Future'', wherein Christopher Lloyd's character, Doc Brown, utters the line "Where we're going we don't need roads." {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава восьмая Слияние CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters