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= Commander Vamon as he appears in Dreamfall Chapters= http// Garrett Lombard= http// Mark Healy}}{{TemplateQuote't insult me, Alvane... We're not in Sadir. Things are done differently here.}} Azadi officer and commander of the military forces stationed in the Northlands, Vamon is actually seen wearing a holstered revolver. Years ago Vamon served in Sadir where he worked with Kian Alvane, and was impressed with his swordsmanship and loyalty to The Six. As he confides to Sister Sahya, however, he is suspicious of Kian's rapid ascent through the ranks, which he attributes to assistance from someone with the Sixth Circle. This may have more to do with the disdain Vamon has for Kian's ignoble birth and "galling" virtue. It probably does not help that Kian is sent to deal with a problem Vamon has not been able to the assassination of "the Scorpion". The Emissary asks Vamon to spy on Kian's activities in the Northlands, and he follows the latter (lead by a cowed Na'ane) to the rebels' Swamp City with two Cloudships and many Azadi soldiers in tow. In the ensuing skirmish he arrests Kian for treachery, who vows not to stop until he holds Vamon's still-beating heart in his hands. Commander Vamon is voiced by http// Garrett Lombard. == Dreamfall Chapters == {{SpoilersDFC}}{{Quote'm hard as Nirgali Steel.}} FileThis is exactly the time.jpgChapter Two Awakenings, Vamon orders Warden Murron to expedite Kian's death sentence, threatening Murron's life if Kian is not executed by first light. Vamon catches up with Kian just as he is escaping through the portal set up by Balsay Bachim. He shoots him twice with a musket, but Kian escapes with his life. After Kian's escape, Vamon heads to the Azadi Tower where he talks with Sister Sahya about Kian, the riot and the upcoming arrival of The First of The Six. ruВамон CategoryDreamfall CategoryCharacters CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryArcadia CategoryDreamfall Characters CategoryDreamfall Chapters Characters CategoryEnemies