ImageColonies.jpgcolonies are off-world settlements staffed by indentured labour and owned by companies such as Bokamba/Mercer.

Warren Hughes' family were sent to B/M Prime, and April travels to the Morning Star space station on a voyage bound for Bokamba 8.

One of the news stories bundled with the FACT machine tells of the discovery of the Bokamba-19 system which, according to Interstellar Prospecting Laws, is named unimaginatively by the company in command of the discovery expedition.


The original TLJ website had this intro to the colonies and colonial registration

''"Good morning! Are you here to register? We have the deal of the Century today, the very best spots on the most comfortable Arks leaving tomorrow morning for the B-M Colonies! Just sign here, and not only will we take care of all your travel expenses and luggage, for a limited time you and your family will even receive a full pardon for all capital crimes on Earth! " ''

''"You're not quite ready to sign? May I ask why? Life on Earth is drudgery compared to life in the colonies. If you don't believe me, take a look at our brochures, or watch these cubes in the comfort of your own home. Why live in crowded cities and breathe smog when the wide open spaces of the New Frontier beckon? You don't have to go by yourself, you know. Sign your family up, and I'll toss in a beautiful set of beer-mugs! And as a special favour, you have my personal guarantee that I'll do everything in my power to get you all to the same planet. " ''

''"I don't wish to rush you, but please be aware that spaces are filling up as we speak! We have room for everybody, but if you want the best seats to the best planets, I'd advice you to act immediately. Remember, although the Bokamba/Mercer Corporation will have exclusive labour and residence ownership of you and your immediate family for the next four generations, we plan to make your life in the colonies as pleasant as possible! We care about your welfare. Your welfare is our bread and butter. " ''

''"Very well, bring this literature and these visual aids with you, and come back when you've decided to accept our Opportunity of a Lifetime™ special. Just keep in mind that while the average life expectancy on Earth is a mere 135 years, in the colonies it's close to 150 years! And labour retirement benefits start as early as your 120th birthday! " ''

''"Have a great day, and please pay us visit again soon!" ''ruКолонии
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