;est. 20 000 http// BP (Arcadian reckoning)*
;ca. 10 000 BCE (Stark reckoning); also the time often considered to see the dawn of civilisation
; "an age and a half ago" according to Vestrum Tobias
Unification of the lands of the North into Ayrede
;ca. 1700 BCE (Stark reckoning)
Drying up of a river which ran through Marcuria
b. Brian Westhouse, Boston
Westhouse at sea
Westhouse in Europe
;early 1930s
Westhouse a journalist in India; meets 'Cortez'
Westhouse & Chavez in Tibet; Shift to Arcadia
The Camero that April sees in the construction yard outside Burns Flipper's garage is issued
;ca. 2100
Venice converted from an industrial park into a residential area
Venice Massacre (the Norwegian version of The Longest Journey contains a typo that lists this event as happening in 2019)
Church of Voltec registered
Mary Samm, pro-Venice activist, est. VAVA.; assassinated
Soda Wars
;ca. 2184
Kian Alvane is born in Arcadia
Anglo-Pacific Wars
b. April Ryan
April begins keeping a diary
Zoë Castillo is born in January
Zoë's mother dies in January
publ. Bible's SequelMorning Star Exile”
Royn Dale Sidetracked
Charlie leaves his home in St Vincent
Charlie comes to Venice and moves into the Border House
;late 2206/early 2207
April's last Confession
Emma moves to Venice
;ca. July 2208
Cortez takes up residence outside the Border House
;Thu.27/7 2209
April & Emma on Common Room Duty at the Border House
;Thu.27/7-Thu.3/8 2209
Global Human Behavioral Seminar
;Fri.28/7-Mon.7/8 2209
Events of The Longest Journey (Take April's Diary's diary for better synopsis)
;Mon.31/7 2209
Pizza & Movie Night at the Border House
;Tue.1/8 2209
Bergman Festival at the Mercury Theatre
;8pm Fri.4/8
Annual Summer Blowout at the Fringe Cafe
The Collapse (according to the Memorial in Propast)
Annual VAVA Summer Exhibit
;3/11/2218 (according to Dr. Jeanine Park's diary)
Faith dies physically
Events of Dreamfall (except epilogue which is one week later)
 Events of Dreamfall Chapters
 Chapter 1 3/4
 Chapter 2 24/7
 Chapters 3-4 31/7
 Chapter 5 10/8
 Chapter 6 27/9
 Chapters 7-8 28/9