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A shady vendor, working out of a rough shelter in Venice, Newport. The '''Chinaman''', a talkative man dressed in a traditional green outfit with a long white beard, boasts that he can get hold of anything for anyone. Most of his merchandise consists of bots and mechanical gear, something like an open air version of Olivia DeMarco's store, but whereas Olivia specialises in bots and Watillas, the Chinaman sells a lot of mobiles.

The Chinaman is the only person on the Bridges who will talk to Zoe - most of the homeless refuse to speak to a rich kid like her, and a young boy who is hoping to get his gang name and join the Shakespeareans threatens her away. The Chinaman cautions Zoë that he won't sell her drugs, as it's big business in Venice these days, and he won't risk it. However he's happy enough to trade nearly-top-notch cloaking software, courtesy of Olivia, for an electronic lockpick, though he throws in some directions to the Fringe Cafe for free.

The Chinaman is voiced by Wes Parker.

== Trivia ==
* The term "Chinaman" is considered offensive by Chinese-Americans
* One of the things the Chinaman shouts to attract customers is that his goods are made in China, trying to imply that such goods are exotic and high quality. This is obviously a joke inserted by the developers, as "made in China" has for decades been an indicator of the lowest quality, and a stab at the fact that by the game's release most goods were made in China.

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