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= Marcuria, Northlands, Swamplands
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Chawan is a tall, broad, bald and dark-skinned rebel, who speaks with an unidentifiable exotic accent. He appears to have heightened senses, as when they ambush the Azadi in the Northlands forest he can smell their approach. His size and fighting prowess make him the brawn of April's band of Rebels, and he acts as an older brother to Brynn.

According to April the Azadi took everything from him, killed those he loved, enslaved him, and forced him to join their army. It seems his sister was one of those killed, for during the aforementioned ambush he declares to an Azadi "My sister will tear your soul to pieces in the afterlife."

For some time he was concerned only with killing the Azadi, but recently he has become more concerned with looking after the Rebels. Benrime suggests to April that this might be due to his having become romantically involved with a woman named Ayela.

At the time of Dreamfall, Chawan is primarily concerned with the transport of supplies to the Swamp City with Brynn. He may have some affinity with Magic, as he seems to have a contact in Marcuria who has provided them with 50 Charms. When the Azadi invade the Swamp City he, Brynn and Zoë retreat with Chawan to his hut. There he helps Zoë escape by inducing sleep with the aid of some seemingly magic sleeping powder and, although he instructs Brynn to cover his mouth, he does not seem to be vulnerable to it himself. These things, coupled with his apparently heightened senses, create the possibility that his people are magic-users of some sort, which would explain why the Azadi murdered and enslaved them. The only other evidence we have of conquered peoples is that of the Marcurians, who are able to join the army by choice but are not forced to.

At the climax of the game Chawan and Brynn turn to face the Azadi soldiers who have just battered down the door to his hut. Their fate is unknown but, given the overwhelming number of Azadi, things do not bode well for them.

Chawan is voiced by Kwesi Ameyaw.

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Chawan's silhouette and attire are rather clearly visible during the opening scene of Dreamfall Chapters' Book One. It is likely that he has survived.

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