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}} ==The Longest Journey== {{Quote, it's you saying these things, my friend April. I've never known you to lie, or even exaggerate the truth... If you believe it, I believe it. And I'm sure the same goes for Emma.}} ImageCharlie.jpgCharlie is one of April's closest friends. Like April and Emma, he lives in Venice at the Border House, and works behind the bar at the Fringe Cafe. However, like most young people in Venice, Charlie has greater aspirations - he tells April he was born to be a dancer. His biggest dream is simply put - "a dark stage, a packed auditorium, and a single spotlight." Charlie left his home in St Vincent four years ago, and has been living and studying in Venice for the last three. Back home he has several sisters, but doesn't seem to have gotten on that well with his father, who considered he should get a job in the factories like him and his grandfather rather than pursue dancing. His father was a volunteer fireman, though, and Charlie remembers that on some Summer days he would cool the kids down with the hose. Those times he loved his father more than ever. In the summer when April's adventure begins, Charlie is saving to fly home for a visit. Fiona says Charlie was one of the first tenants at the Border House - possibly why he has one of the best rooms - and describes him as a true gentleman. Charlie is a kind person who's happy to talk to April and listen to her problems. He's also very open minded, trying to encourage April to talk about her experience of Shifting to Arcadia, and talking worriedly with her about the incident where a Banda playing a pipe appeared from the Fringe Cafe's jukebox. He finds it frightening that many in the Fringe just chose to pretend it hadn't happened. Both he and Emma confront April at one point as concerned friends, wanting to know what's been happening with her and why she's been going to the dangerous Metro Circle by herself. When April has a Bak-Baar in the Banda's Spirit Dig, it is Charlie who appears to speak for the 'good' side of the truth. He comforts her and tells her she isn't alone. He also reveals that Charlie is in love with April. In the first chapters, both Fiona and Emma hint that they were well aware of how Charlie felt and that April just hadn't realised it yet, or connected her own feelings. Earlier when she entered the Fringe, April had said she loved Charlie dearly, "as a friend". Writing about her experience in her diary after her Bak-Baar, April says that she hadn't guessed Charlie loved her, but she doesn't feel the same way. Charlie does not appear in the later chapters though April doesn't meet up with him, Lady Alvane tells her that her friends are angry because she didn't confide in them. Given their history, it's likely Charlie is more concerned about April than angry. ---- The original website for The Longest Journey had an intro to the Fringe Café, in Charlie's words ImageCharlie concept.png© Funcom ''"Peace. Welcome to the Fringe. What can I get you? Sure, we have coffee, but you'll have to be a little more specific. '' ''"We have everything from cappuccino to mocha -- we have Santo Domingo and Arabica, coffee from Ethiopia and Guatemala and Brazil, espresso and Bourbon Santo, Medellin and Harrar and Mysore, Indonesian Java and Kenyan coffee, Blue Mountain and Coatepec. Can't choose? All right, I'm gonna give you a taste of the best coffee we have. Haitian coffee. Real Caribbean flavour. It's got a mellow taste that you're probably not used to, but you'll like it. I promise. '' ''"I am Charles. Friends call me Charlie, and now that the two of us are acquainted, feel free to call me Charlie too! We are not big on ceremony here at the Fringe Café. This is a place to chill out, to feel at home, to put your feet up and your guard down. Chat with friends and strangers. If you want, you can read a book, or just close your eyes and listen to the music. Here's your coffee. Enjoy it!'' ''"No, don't worry about it. The first one's on us. It always is. Let me know if there's anything else you want, or if you just want to shoot the breeze. And, hey -- have a beautiful day!" '' ==Dreamfall== Life in Venice is very different for Charlie now. After the Collapse, Charlie was able to buy the Fringe Cafe at a reduced price, and he owned and managed the cafe before selling it to its current owners, who hired him back as the manager of what was now a chic nightclub. He was contacted by Reza Temiz under his codename Jericho while he was investigating the Static, and he was able to point both he and later Zoe Castillo to the Border House, formerly the Border House. Though he still retains his kindness and good nature, Charlie has become hardened to life. At some point he lost his path on the way to being a dancer (and confesses to Zoë, wistfully, that he used to be enrolled at VAVA), despite his assertion in TLJ that he definitely didn't want to be "a bartender all my life", though we don't know why he gave up his dream. He misses April but has stayed friends with Emma over the years, even though she is now based on the other side of the world in Europolis. He also knows Marcus Crozier, Emma's old friend, though he disapproves of his lifestyle. Although he is still not clear on what happened to April, and knows little about the Balance or Arcadia, Charlie will help out if he's needed. ruЧарли CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryDreamfall CategoryStark CategoryCharacters CategoryThe Longest Journey Characters CategoryDreamfall Characters