Chapter Two Awakenings

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Zoë Maya Castillo = Dreamfall Chapters = Seraph-Kavarna.png = Zoë in Propast }} '''Awakenings''' is the second chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and Book One Reborn, following Kian Alvane's escape from Friar's Keep, then Zoë in her new life in Europolis. == Summary == === Kian Friar's Keep === In the year 828 in Marcuria, Commander Vamon tells Warden Murron that Kian Alvane must be executed as soon as possible. Murron questions this, noticing that Kian hasn't been tried by an Azadi court yet as the protocol dictates, and complains that it will mean extra paperwork to arrange for the execution. But when Vamon threatens his life if he doesn't obey the order, Murron agrees to carry out the sentence by first light. In his cell, Kian reminisces about his distant past and the events that lead to his imprisonment. Murron enters the cell to inform Kian about his pending execution, and ask him about how he wishes to die, and even shares some of his musings on the nature of duty with him, before again leaving him to his thoughts. Some hours later, Kian is awakened by the sound of riot coming from the the lower floors. Balsay Bachim appears outside Kian's cell and breaks him out, explaining to him that the resistance has arranged for his escape so that he can "repay his debts" by aiding them in their fight. Kian and Balsay, with Vamon and a group of guards in hot pursuit, manages to make to the roof. Balsay reveals to Kian that he is supposed to escape by a portal spell. Said portal requires a blood sacrifice, however, Balsay himself. Dying either by Kian's or his own hand, Balsay opens the portal, just as Vamon and the guards manage to break the door to the roof down. Vamon pulls out his gun and opens fire at Kian, who is wounded in the shoulder and the stomach. Regardless, Kian is still able to escape through the portal. Vamon and Sister Sahya talk about Kian's escape, noting that the prison's anti-magic charm is only effective inside the prison's walls, not on the roof. They are both anxious for Kian to be executed before the First (one of The Six) arrives in Marcuria, as they believe their plan will suffer a serious blow if Kian were to testify before an official court. Sahya orders Vamon to track down and kill Kian by any means necessary. === Zoë Europolis === Meanwhile in Stark, it is July 24th 2220 and Zoë is in Europolis having an appointment with her psychotherapist, Roman Zelenka. Roman Zelenka. Subsequently she gets some food from Nela Bites to take to Reza Temiz at his workplace. She then goes to her own job, and finally goes to the Unity Party campaign office as part of her political volunteer work. Baruti Maphane, the campaign manager, asks her to solicit an endorsement from Queenie, who is influential in the local community. Queenie in turn asks Zoë to find out what has happened to a girl called Hanna Roth. Apparently Nela knows the girl, so Zoë seeks her out, but after an altercation between Nela and a presumably communist associate of hers outside The Collective, she is in such a bad mood that she refurses to answers Zoë's questions and storms off. Zoë resolves to ask about Hanna another day. As Zoë returns to the campaign office, Baruti is being harassed by local crime lord Mr. London and his thugs, who want everyone in the neighbourhood to vote for Konstantin Wolf. Baruti is shaken and decides not to go to the conference in Warsaw as planned. Zoë returns to her apartment, where Reza is cooking risotto for them both. The chapter ends as the camera pans upwards to reveal a listening device paced on a celling fan in the apartment. And just outside the building, Falk Friedman is shown to using it to listen in on Zoë and Reza's conversation... == Major choices == * A prisoner, Arn Stont, is dying. Kian can either "grant him death" or "let him live". If Kian chooses to let the prisoner live, he will be tortured to death by prison guards. * Kian can either kill Warden Murron or let him live. * Kian can either run the Captain through with the sword or "spare him". If Kian spares him, he will kill himself to still complete the blood magic ritual. * Zoë has the choice between two different lunches for Reza – cheese soup, representing Reza's usual diet, or sausages made from real meat, an out of the ordinary meal for Reza. * Zoë can interrupt Nela's conversation with the suspicious person, or stay hidden and listen in. * Zoë can choose to intervene in Mr. London's attack, or not. Intervening potentially puts Zoë on Mr. London's hit list, but for the moment she is unharmed. * Zoë can ignore Reza in the apartment after their fight, or not. Should she choose to ignore him, he will leave the apartment.{{DFC Chapters}} ruГлава Вторая Пробуждение CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryChapters