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'''Trials''' is the third chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the first chapter of Book Two Rebels. It follows Kian Alvane after he awakes in the headquarters of Marcuria's resistance movement.

== Summary ==
FileEnclavemeeting.png... not much of a choice for Kian. 

=== Kian The Enclave ===
Kian is nursed back to health with Na'ane's aid and finds himself in the Enclave, which is now the base of the resistance.

Shepherd asks Kian to accept Balsay Bachim's sacrifice and join the resistance. Kian then meets the other members of the resistance - Enu, Jakai Salmin, Likho and Blind Bob. Kian points out to the Shepherd that the Azardi soldiers will be looking for him, but the Resistance has thought about that problem and Kian is given a magical potion that renders him almost unnoticeable to people who doesn't know him intimately. With the preparations taken care off, Kian sets out by boat with Enu and Likho on his first mission. He is given three tasks to identify an interloper by sneaking in to a meeting of the The National Front for Faith and Family; to appeal to The Mole to help the resistance with weapon supplies; and to destroy an Azadi weapons shipment at the docks. He also has the opportunity to visit the widow of Arn Stont. During the tasks he meets the Dolmari street urchin Bip, who tries to pick his pockets. Upon learning that Kian is with the resistance, Bip decides to aid him with finding the National Front's meeting.

Once the tasks are complete, he returns to the Rooster and Kitten, where he meets a mysterious woman calling herself Anna, who apparently knows who Kian is, despite the veil potion's effects. Before he can ask Anna any questions as to why that is the case as he can't remember meeting her himself, she leaves the inn, promising to meet with him again. He then joins back up with Enu and Likho and they return to the Enclave. There, Kian confronts Na'ane about her betrayal.

=== Cutscenes The Azadi ===
We then see Sister Sahya and Vamon, who agree to keep the news of Kian's escape a secret. The First of the Six arrives then, accompanied by General Hami and Utana. Vamon and Sahya claims that Kian died in the prison riot, much to Utana's distress. General Hami decides he wants to investigate the reports of Kian's death further and declares he wishes to visit the prison the next day to interrogate the witnesses, despite Vamon's attempt to dissuade him from it by claiming he got it under control. Meanwhile, Sahya asks the First if there has been any word from Prophet, but the First answers that he hasn't contacted anyone in months, but the Six has his assurance that he will return once the work on the Engine is done, which is expected to happen very soon.

== Major choices ==
* Kian can choose to join the resistance or reject it.
** If he rejects the offer, Shepherd takes him back to his room and gives him one last chance to accept, allowing him to walk out freely and join them. If Kian stays in his room, the door shuts after a short time and the game ends.
* When an Azadi archer fires an arrow at the party, Kian can catch it; if he does not, Likho catches it instead.
* Kian can choose to reveal Na'ane's betrayal in front of the others or to confront her in private.
** If he confronts her immediately, he can choose to spare her, kill her, or to let Likho kill her.
** If he confronts her in private, he can choose either to keep the betrayal a secret for the time being, or not.

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