Chapter Ten Umbrae

'''Umbrae''' is the tenth chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the second chapter of Book Four Revelations. It follows Zoë Maya Castillo's dealings with Baeb-Ayae-Gh'aa in Riverwood and Dreamtime, followed by Kian Alvane in the concentration camp on Ge'en.


=== Zoë Entering Riverwood, Into the Yaga's lair ===
Zoë and Crow continue into Riverwood on the Elgwan Chapter Nine Journeys. Afterwards, the two are found by Ben Bandu, who tries to scare them off until he recognizes Crow. Upon learning that they seek the Yaga, Ben Bandu questions their sanity, but leads them to the edge of her lair.

Zoë and Crow journey into the Yaga's lair by themselves. The area around the Yaga is somehow more a part of Storytime than the rest of the world. The voices of the Yaga's previous victims call out to Zoë from the area in front of the Gribbler's old house, telling her to run before she is eaten. Ignoring this, Zoë brushes the vines off of the door and knocks. The Yaga responds in irritation, asking who is bothering it. Zoë demands the soul-stone, but the Yaga denies knowledge of it. The proximity to Storytime gives Zoë access to her dreaming powers, and she tries to read the Yaga's mind. This seems to anger her, and she rises out of the ground. Crow flees, and the Yaga pins Zoë against a pillar. Zoë manages to blast the door off of the Yaga's head with her dreamer powers and eventually climb inside of it, narrowly avoiding being eaten by the Yaga.

=== Zoë Storytime In the Yaga's realm ===
Inside the Yaga's head, Zoë finds herself in a realm like Storytime, only much older. She eventually comes upon Baeb, Ayae, and Gh'aa, who question her presence and what she wants. When Zoë says that she's there to save Lux, Ayae responds bitterly that they know about Lux and their creation of the world. They came into existence long before Lux, but was just one entity rather than three back then. When Lux dreamt the world into existence, they were split into the three creatures Zoë now faces. Ayae continues that the soul stone is the only thing keeping them from fading away. All of their old worshippers and agents, meant to spread fear in their name, are either dead or has lost their powers. With no one really fearing or worshipping them anyone, they only linger as a shadow of themselves and need to feed on Lux's life force. Zoë tries to argue that the "Wicker Witch" is still feared in Marcuria and that people still need things to fear in Stark, but Ayae dismisses these suggestions, claiming they are only pale imitations of the terror they used to inspire in the old days.

Baeb threatens to eat Zoë, then suggests that Zoë offer up a memory of a sin, something dark and secret. After Zoë does or does not give the Yaga a memory, the Yaga insists on keeping the soul stone. Baeb suggest that Zoë give up something as sustaining to her as the soul stone. Zoë says that her failures and dark emotions aren't what keep her going, that instead she has hope and faith in the future. She says that she wants to give other people a chance to make their choices, hence why she wants to keep Lux alive.

Gh'aa responds that they know this, and says they will give Zoë the soul stone in exchange for remembering the Yaga "when the dream is in you." Gh'aa argues that every dream needs a nightmare, and Zoë agrees to the request.

Baeb gives the soul stone to Zoë, saying that Zoë was the only one who could bring it to Lux. She tells Zoë to "become one with the first." Gh'aa, Baeb, and Ayae warn Zoë about the "wizard of lies," who harbors something inside of him. They then send Zoë off.

=== Zoë Back to reality The Bandu ===
Zoë returns to Riverwood, where the Yaga's head has become inanimate. Crow and Zoë head back towards Ben Bandu as the spirits of children say that they have been set free.

Zoë and Crow emerge from the Yaga's lair to find that Ben Bandu has been joined by The Mole on a Leapfur. After interrogating Zoë about her purpose, dealings with the Yaga, and the reason she is going to the Oular, Bandu-Ma-Seri gives Zoë the Leapfur and tells her to head north the the Purple Mountains. She further explains that she and Ben Bandu will head east, hoping to find other surviving members of the Banda there.

Zoë rides off towards the mountains, Crow scouting ahead.

=== Cutscence Anna meets Utana ===
At the Journeyman inn Anna meets with Utana and tells her Kian is on his way to the prison camp.

=== Kian Ge'en ===

==== Kian Prison Camp ====
Far south, Kian arrives on Ge'en, possibly with Likho. Kian heads for the Administrator's office, while Likho (if present) breaks into the camp proper in order to liberate it. Kian sneaks past guards watching the camp, noticing a strange factory emitting smoke stationed in the middle of the camp. As Kian approaches the entrance to the main tower, he witnesses a pile of dead bodies, attended by Azadi guards. The guards are dragging the corpses into the "factory," which is in fact a crematorium. Kian is horrified, and steals a guard's farglass in order to figure out the combination to the tower. He sneaks into the tower unnoticed.

==== Kian The Administrator's Office ====
Kian borrows a guard's keys to enter the Office of Scientific Progress room in the tower. Inside, he finds an initially morbid setting that quickly turns horrifying. Fresh skulls and decapitated statues of the Necromancer King of Ge'en line the walls. A portrait of the Necromancer King in a secret room depicts Roper Klacks. The Administrator's desk at first comforts Kian with yarn and needles, but letters in the desk speak of experimenting with a disease to eradicate magicals. If Kian looks in the second drawer in the Administrators desk, it's heavily implied that the prisoners are fed the remains of Dolmari. Since the majority of the population at the camp are Dolmari, it can be assumed that much forced cannibalism is present. In a locked drawer, Kian finds a head for one of the Necromancer King statues, also strongly resembling Roper Klacks. Placing the head on one of the statues reveals several disturbing hidden parts of the room. One one side of the room is a concealed body suspended in fluid; the center of the room contains a hidden pit with bodies; and a laboratory where the Administrator is about to vivisect Bip is behind a hidden wall.

The Administrator, Sister Alessandra, greets Kian and calls herself his "biggest fan." She pulls a gun on him and the two talk about her purpose in the camp. After she explains the camp's purpose in researching a way to murder all magicals, the two are interrupted by either Likho or Hami. The Administrator turns her pistol towards the intruder, but Kian is able to trigger the pit below her and she falls into it. If Likho is present, he explains his actions taken to liberate the camp (arming prisoners, blowing up buildings, murdering guards, etc.). In either case, Hami enters the room and demands an explanation from Kian. Kian promises to explain everything, but notes that it may take a while.

=== Cutscene Death at the Enclave ===
Back at the Enclave, Jakai Salmin is paid ten silver coins by Commander Vamon before being killed by a blade to the chest. Almost all of the rebels at the Enclave are killed. If Likho went to Ge'en, Shepherd is killed. If Likho did not go to Ge'en, he is killed, though Shepherd lives. Enu lives or dies based on Na'ane'ane's status. If Na'ane is free, she saves Enu's life. If Na'ane is not free, she is stuck in her cell while Enu dies. If Na'ane is dead, Enu dies. If Na'ane is in her cell, but Likho was left behind, Enu is gravely injured but does not die.

After the montage of death, Anna walks in and joins the 2-5 survivors of the attack at a table.

''Umbrae'' is Latin for 'shadows'.

==Major choices==
* Zoë can give memories of choices she regrets to the Yaga or not.
** It is possible for her to have no memories to give to the Yaga.
** If Zoë gives one memory, she has to give all of the memories she regrets
** Memories Zoë can give include
*** Flirting with Roman Zelenka
*** Buying sausages for Reza
*** Not intervening on behalf of Baruti Maphane
*** Ignoring Reza in the apartment
*** Telling Queenie where Hanna was hiding
*** Lying to Queenie about the Uminska campaign
*** Lying to Baruti Maphane after giving the data regarding Lea Umińska's relation with Konstantin Wolf and WATICorp to The Hand That Feeds
*** Running away from Nela_Vlček as she bombs EYE Headquarters
*** Throwing the dreamer at Falk Friedman (and getting him killed)

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