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'''Adrift''' is the first chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and Book One Reborn, following Zoë Maya Castillo in the Storytime as she helps people who are stuck in dreams.

== Summary ==
Zoë stands before a vision of her comatose self, reminiscing about the events that brought her to Storytime. Looking out at the Storytime, she spots several dreamers calling out for help. Among others, she helps dreaming girl who is cowering in fear of a tentacled monster in her wardrobe. Zoë tells them that they must stop using the Dreamer Console which is the cause of their nightmares.

After saving the dreamers, Zoë spots the Vagabond in the distance, and walks over to speak with him. She tells him that the problem with people getting stuck in their nightmares is getting ever more frequent. He tells that it will not only get worse, but eventually the problem will spin out of control and start to threaten to destroy not only Storytime, but all of existence, Zoë must wake up in order to put a stop to it. Zoë is uncertain, feeling that she is making a difference by helping people escape from their nightmares, and that her life has a purpose here in the Storytime. The Vagabond responds by saying that the nightmares are symptoms of a larger disease and that she cannot get to the root of the problem here. Zoë asks him if she will see him again, and he assures her that they will meet again one last time "just before the end" and parts with her, imploring her to try to remember everything once she wakes up.
FileConfrontingherself.png, or starting an entirely new one? 
Through using her powers, Zoë manages to get in touch with her subconscious, but before she can wake herself, she is confronted by a manifestation of her inner doubt, taking the form of her younger self, who attempts to block her from waking. Zoë manages to make peace with the manifestation, and resolves to remember what she must do in the waking world, and then wakes up from her coma.

== Major choices ==
* Zoë can in the confrontation with her old self choose "the path that will be" or "the path that was".
** Choosing the path "that will be", leads to the awakened Zoë seeking a job that is unreleated to her old studies, and she will be employed in a part-time job at Mira and Wit's shop, Pandemonium. She won't meet Ada and Kidbot during the next chapter.
** Choosing the path "that was" leads her to enlist as a remote student at the University of Cape Town in Propast, where she works on projects together with Ada. She will still interact with Mira and Wit during next chapter, though in a more limited capacity.

== Version History ==
All versions of Dreamfall Chapters from October 21st, 2014 until the release of Book 5 on June 17th, 2016 had two additional puzzles concerning people who used a dreamachine. The first was about Falling Dreamer who stuck in a dream loop where she is endlessly falling. The second concerned Frightened dreamer. She finds that the man has an 'inner light' but he is so overtaken by fear that he can't keep it on. Zoë uses her light power to assist him in conquering his fear. Both puzzles were removed in favor of a more streamlined beginning.

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