Chapter Nine Journeys

'''Journeys''' is the ninth chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the opening chapter of Book Four Revelations. It follows Zoë_Maya_Castillo in the Enclave and Marcuria, and potentially Kian Alvane on a Cloudship to Ge'en.


=== Zoë The Enclave ===
The chapter opens with Crow searching around Marcuria for Zoë. After not finding her, he drinks from a mug outside The Rooster and Kitten. Ulvic tries to shoo Crow away, but finding out he is a talking bird and that he knows Zoë, he tells him that he send her to the rebels and explains where to find them.

If Kian Alvane failed to return the worker's tools in Chapter Six Machinations, Ulvic is arrested.

When Crow arrives at the Enclave, Zoë is being interrogated by Shepherd. He interrupts to vouch for Zoë, but is shocked to learn that April Ryan has been dead for over a year. He flies off, and Shepherd welcomes Zoë as a friend of the resistance. Enu interrupts due to Likho's departure or request. Shepherd introduces Enu to Zoë, and the former is immediately intrigued, asking Zoë several questions about her life in Stark. Zoë explains her mission to Enu, who in turn goes to the library to research the Purple Mountains while Zoë tracks down Crow to discuss their grief for April. Crow then departs, telling her that he will wait for her in Marcuria.

While wandering the Enclave, Zoë can discover Jakai Salmin rummaging through Kian's room. She can interrupt him or try to observe, though he notices her either way. Jakai reveals little of what he is up to, though he notes that his aunt is to be executed within the week unless he does something unspecified if Kian killed the Warden of Friar's Keep. If Kian let the Warden live, Jakai simply notes that she is in Cold Stone.

Zoë returns to Enu only to discover that the library has not helped Zoë's search for the Purple Mountains. They are interrupted by Blind_Bob, who complains that he should go back to sleeping in Abnaxus' tower if they can't find a mattress that isn't "flea and maggot infested." Intrigued, Zoë asks him about the tower, reasoning that it might give her some clues to Abnaxus' whereabouts, and he gives her the key, extracting a promise that she will keep the tower safe.

Shepherd wishes Zoë well, and Zoë boards a boat to Marcuria.

=== Zoë Abnaxus' abode ===
She can talk to Ulvic about Jakai if Ulvic was not arrested. In the City Green, Zoë finds Onor Hileriss and two of his goons trying to destroy Abnaxus' abode, though their attempt is rather ineffective due to the Venar magic protecting the building. Using Crow's help, she manages to get one of Onor's minions hurt. Onor decides to take the man to a healer, allowing Zoë free entry into the abode.

Inside, Zoë finds books and notes scattered about. When she opens up the Annals of Dreaming left prominently on a table, someone sneaks up behind her, giving her the choice to hide the book or attack. It turns out to be Brian Westhouse, who asks Zoë about her purpose in the house and several logistical things before studying the book. Zoë journeys around the tower to find several notes left by Abnaxus. As they are written in a language she cannot read herself, he shows them to Brian, who proves capable of interpreting them, learning from them that the Oular live on Cloud Peak in the Border Mountain; that the Yehte split from the Oular, going south to the Well of Dreams; and that the Oular are the "wardens of the dreaming one." Zoë then finds a note that falls out of the book about someone named "Klax" stealing a soul-stone; Brian realizes that this probably refers to Roper Klacks, who now has a puppet show. As Zoë leaves Abnaxus' abode to seek out Klacks, Brian asks if he can stay behind and study the book for a while, which Zoë can allow or deny.

=== Zoë The Fingerlings ===
Outside, Crow and Zoë discuss Klacks' puppet show, known as the "Fingerlings". Zoë find Klacks backstage, preparing for a performance. When confronted, Klacks admits to having had the soul stone, but insists that Baeb-Ayae-Gh'aa took it from him after his defeat at the hands of April Ryan, and she now lurks with it somewhere in Riverwood. He then sends Zoë away in order to start the show.

Klacks' Fingerlings performance is a retelling of the interaction between him and April Ryan in The Longest Journey more favorable to Klacks, portraying himself as a kindly and "very handsome" wizard while April is an "evil sorceress" and the villain of the story. After reaching the point where April traps him, he says that a wandering god freed him in return for eternal allegiance. At this point, the performance is interrupted by Onor Hileriss and Commander Vamon due to Onor insisting that Klacks is corrupting the children with his "occult fingerings." Vamon arrests Klacks for including magic in his story.

After the show, Zoë and Crow work out a plan to steal an Elgwan and ride it to Riverwood in search of the Yaga.

=== Kian In the cloudship ===
Focus switches to the cloudship headed to Ge'en. If Kian did not bring Likho with him, he is shown sitting alone briefly. If he did bring Likho with him, the two of them chat briefly. Afterwards, Kian is given the chance to apologize for the damage he's done or go to sleep. If he chooses to apologize, he will be given the further choice to get serious with Likho or make light of the situation. If Kian gets serious, Likho will discuss his sexual orientation with him later that night.

A girl near the Fingerlings booth gives Zoë two prophecies about the future, one before Zoë enters Abnaxus' abode and one after the Fingerlings show. They are as follows
* "Hello. They know you're coming, you know. All of them. They're waiting for you. It's been foretold. I saw you in my dreams. You were in the dark, and you were scared and alone. If you don't give Her what She wants, She will eat you up. She has eaten so many already. If you make it through the dark and into the light, it will change you. You'll be someone else, and you'll never be you again. Not really. I saw you at the very beginning and at the very end. You're supposed to be in both places. Anyway, that's what my dream said. It was probably just a dream, nothing to worry about. You'll probably be fine. Safe journeys!"
* on Klacks "I don't think he's alone in there. He has company. There's something wrong with him. When I looked at his face, I saw shadows. Stupid wizard, he's still trapped, but this time he's trapped inside himself."

==Major Choices==
* If Zoë finds Jakai Salmin in Kian's room, she must choose whether to interrupt him or observe his actions.
* When she is interrupted in Abnaxus' abode, Zoë must choose whether to attack or try to hide the book.
* In discussions with Brian, Zoë must choose to reveal her purpose or conceal it from him.
* When leaving Abnaxus' abode, Zoë must choose to let Brian stay inside or force him to leave.
* If Kian brought Likho on the Cloudship and chose to apologize rather than go to sleep, Kian must choose between getting serious or making light.
** If Kian gets serious, Likho comes out to him in "an intimate moment."
*** If Kian did not come out to the rebels due to Na'ane and the Azadi officer's deaths, he and Likho will share the conversation they would have shared had Na'ane not died prior to Likho coming out

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